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2011.08.09, 01:58 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know that I plan on holding our regional PNWC race in the October timeframe.

We will run an independent circuit design as nobody has ever gone to the worlds (except me) from any of our previous regionals.

Check out the PNWC link for details on rules and such.

More details will be posted within this thread as we get closer to the proposed time.

2011.08.09, 09:22 PM
I'll be on vacation on Thanks Giving Week, so if the race is on Saturday 8th or 15th I might be able to go :-)

2011.08.10, 08:53 AM
nice. should be fun

2011.10.18, 02:27 PM
Are we still having PNWC Regional Race this year?

2011.10.19, 09:52 AM
yes, I need to talk to owner of PN to confirm details. We will hold in November.

2011.10.20, 08:27 AM
Confirming with PN Racing that date of Sat, Nov 19th okay for 2011 PN Regional Race as nobody plans to go to 2011 worlds happening Nov 4-6.

2011.10.20, 07:48 PM
MC3 will not be holding a PNWC regional race for 2011, however will hold a 2011 MC3 Fall Classic sponsored by PN Racing. Rules will be based on 2011 PNWC rules. This will be a trophy race with 1st, 2nd and 3rd in A-main will be awarded trophies. Details to follow shortly.

2011.11.04, 07:57 AM
Race will be held Saturday, Nov 26th. We will open at 2pm (and handout motors for the touring class) and start qualifying at 6pm prompt with close happening at 10pm.

2 classes:

Touring- Price $25; you will get a handout motor: 80 turn stock if you use Li-Fe cells and 50 turn if you use AAA

F1 Modified- Price $10 if you run touring as well; $15 if just F1; you can use any turn PN motor you want. You can order a motor or use what you have already.


4 qualifiers (5 min) each class followed by a main race (8 min). No bump-ups.


Awarded to top 3 in each class

Lucky Draw:

PN Racing has sponsored lucky draw prizes (Thanks PN!)

Pre-registration is a must!

2011.11.09, 08:37 AM
Touring Class:

1. Fai Lam (AAA)
2. Stephen (AAA)
3. Jimmy (AAA)
4. Danny (AAA)
5. Philip Lam (AAA)
6. Casey Wong (LiFe)
7. Benny Lee (AAA)
8. Joey (AAA)
9. Jon (AAA)
10. Xavier (AAA)
11. Calvin (AAA)
12. Sinister (AAA)
13. Santino (LiFe)
14. Herbert (AAA)
15. Edwin Tan (AAA)
16. Lucas Featherbe (AAA)

F1 Modified Class:

1. Jimmy
2. Danny
3. Casey Wong
4. Jon
5. Sinister_Y
6. Herbert
7. Edwin Tan
8. Calvin
9. Lucas Featherbe