View Full Version : Advice on a resin body?

2011.08.09, 06:05 PM

I'd like to get advice on a Resin proto Honda HSV I've got:

I'm having trouble with the base layer of paint sticking. I've made several attepts at an even coat of white (Tamiya rattle can) before moving onto the scheme I've found to use. Certain areas seem to evade paint and some areas seem not to stick at all...

I'm wondering if I need to sand more than i did and use a primer?


2011.08.10, 02:41 AM
did you wash the body with soap and warm water prior to spraying?
the resin may still have some traces of oil on the body...
or you may have better results using an oil based paint instead of a waterbased paint...

hope this makes sense... :D

unearthed name
2011.08.10, 05:31 AM
A layer of paint primer maybe needed

Davey G
2011.08.10, 09:45 AM
Hey, there are def a few tricks to painting the resin bodies. I wash the bodies with DAWN dish detergent, warm water and a scouring pad (plastic kind). Obviously making sure its dry first then I spray bomb my first color. (Createx or Faskolor paint) I lay my mask on top of the body (pre cut, NEVER take an xacto to the body or your base layer will peel) and do all my tight airbrush work. I then clear with Rustoleum Clear CC1000. So at what point are you noticing peel? I have also posted in my paint thread that I use 3m painters mask for delicate surfaces (orange core) is this what you use?

Let me know your thoughts on the above.