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2011.08.10, 12:25 AM
hi guys... just came back from a short trip to singapore...
it's just a great place... wonderful people, wonderful food, lots of sights to see...

of the many things, i had to do... i had two things on my to do list which i wanted to... uhmm... do... :D

one was to visit atomic collective (atomiccollective.net) which i guess is a shop and track well at least this is what's on their site...

"We are the only specialized Mini-Z retailer with a HFAY Indoor Racing Circuit in Singapore.

Run by racers for the racers, we carry a good selection of Kyosho Mini-Z kits to start you off in this hobby, and also an extensive range of premium hop-ups parts and accessories to satisfy your need for speed. Our team of friendly pit crew are always on-hand to provide you with expert advise on how to get the most out of your car.

This business was born from the love for all things Mini-Z. We organize regular events to maximize your enjoyments, including the worldwide HFAY races, where you pit yuor racing skills against the best of the best in the world.

Feel free to call 6456 5345 for enquiries and come hangout with us at 13 Transit Road.

Atomic Collective, your choice pitstop for Mini-Z !"

so how could i possibly miss this right?... well as chance would have it, unfortunately i couldn't pass by... :( :(

at least there was the hope of trying to visit toykar which is listed as one of kyosho's official distributors in singapore...

luckily i did have time to visit the place...
it is located on 583 orchard road, #B1-11 Forum The Shopping Mall,
Singapore 238884 (tel +65 6732 3197)

here are some pics...


2011.08.10, 12:27 AM
autoscales anyone?

2011.08.10, 12:29 AM
and now for some kits...


unearthed name
2011.08.10, 01:00 AM
herman, why don't you come to jakarta indonesia. we'll treat you for a mini-z racing as well.

2011.08.10, 01:04 AM
unit of currency in singapore is the sing dollar (s$) which is approximately s$1.20 = us$1

some of the things to take note...

autoscale body s$78 approx us$64
awd s$299 (us$245)
tiki red mr03 s$349 (us$287)
awd 2.4 toyota celica s$339 (us$278)
mr03 s$289 (us$237)
mr03ex s$269 (us$221)
mr02 am s$199 (us$163)


a bit kinda expensive?!?!
but considering singapore has a thriving economy, and the cost of living is a bit high, i'm inclined to believe that these prices indicate that in general, the singaporeans have a bit more disposable income...

this is also quite evident by quite a number of endless malls that they have over there... it's just consumerism at its highest as i have ever seen... kind a bit like hong kong... but at least in hong kong, the prices of mini-z come no where close to those prices...

well needless to say... poor herman went out of the shop with nothing but pictures... :rolleyes::o:(

well that's not entirely true...
i was able to get a shirt with the mini-z.jp print on it
and a mini-z book... which is written in all japanese...

2011.08.10, 01:20 AM
herman, why don't you come to jakarta indonesia. we'll treat you for a mini-z racing as well.

thanks for the invite... i actually visited jakarta back in 2008... you also have quite a number of malls around there too, also great infrastructure too, but unfortunately i didn't see any mini-z's around... and didn't know anybody who knew...

pls do make a different thread entitled "mini-z in indonesia" and maybe you can post some information as well as pictures on the thread (i.e. stores that sell mini-z, tracks, etc.) i believe it would definitely be of help to those who would want to visit and see mini-z stuff in jakarta

if and when i do take another trip there, i do hope to meet you...
thanks again in advance... :D