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180SX SR20
2011.08.11, 02:55 AM
Hello, I live in Ayase Kanagawa. I've looked around and found a track called ARMS in Fujisawa. Has anyone been there? I think I'm the only gaijin there and was lucky to know that the owner speaks little english, but we can communicate well.

2011.08.11, 06:44 AM
wow that's cool... can you please post pics of the track? do they sell some parts as well?
my brother's sister in law lives in kamakura-shi, kanagawa... just don't know where that is for sure...

180SX SR20
2011.08.12, 09:12 AM
Hey Kuya(pinoy ka diba?).. here's the link


They do sell parts and I got these SSR looking wheels from there. Perfect for my AWD/AE86 body. and yeah, this ARMS shop/circuit sits between Ayase and Kamakura. Ayase-shi is where I actually live.

2012.02.10, 11:59 PM
I just joined the forum. Been in Japan for a while and the local track that I used to go to has closed down. Route 246 is closer to me but they close early and I'm looking for another place to race. Let's go hit up ARMS tonight.

2012.02.14, 09:37 PM
welcome to the forums and thanks for posting... do post some pics when you get to the tracks... :D