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2011.08.13, 11:22 AM

got bored and thought I'd be a post whore and start a gallery of my own.:)

I'll start off with just a couple wide shots of my Mini-Z collection.

This photo shows my entire fleet in various states. As you can see I'm a big fan of the 94mm bodies (especially the Ferrari F430GT) and have a couple of projects on the go in the F1 catagory (something big if i ever get around to fabbing it together). Spare bodies on the second shelf are waiting for some items before being useable....added to the "things I have to buy to add more waste of space" list on my iphone.


This picture shows a chassis and body layout of my 4 2.4GHz cars (3xMR03 and MR02) and my favorite AD band car at the end. I'll get around to doing breakdowns of each car and their attributes but for now I can happily report that each of these cars has its own aftermarket controller (4x KO helios and 1x Futaba 3PK)so when i get my buddies out to race my loaner cars they can handle a premium controller instead of a KT18 (which I've never been fond of due to it's size and toyish shape).

I'm a bit of a nut for RC gear...

stay tuned for chassis breakdowns and my F1 project.:D

As a sidenote, does anyone mind if we post larger scale in galleries? it'd be nice if Arch can chime in because I could go for days describing my "waste of space' as my wife calls it.

2011.08.13, 11:44 AM
Nice collection... Im liking that Supra :p Cant wait for more :)

2011.08.14, 01:55 PM
Here are my Mr03's...I have three of them because i had some friends who liked mine so much that they said "This car is so precise...find me one and I'll pay you for it!". As you can see they backed out and i now own 3.:rolleyes:

My first i purchased a while back from Hank Escobal (pinoyboy) and I have been super pleased with the way he built it. So much so it's pretty much the same layout since I got it (minus a few replacement parts mimicing the originals)

MR03 with some PN and Reflex parts at 96mm wheelbase:

The second one I bought was a bone stock model and once my friend said "how much are they?!...no man i cant afford that" I figured I swing for a PN front end A-arm suspension setup since I've always liked the steering and suspension feel of the MR02's with the similar designed front end. That and a few tidbit i stripped off an AM Mr02 I had laying around (bad reception quality at my new track location meant it was retired) and this is what I came up with.

MR03/PN tidbits throughout:

finally here is the MR03 I purchased from arch2b. A nicely laid out MR03 with some nice PN/Qtec/ReflexRacing parts. It came without a motor so i slotted in an Atomic Standard motor (most of my motors have a similar powerband). I have yet to try it but next Sunday is a GTG planned for the Whistler and Vancouver contingents of the mini-z crew.

MR03 #3:

To be honest, i really like owning all these cars but our club is becoming more like "lets leach off Cowboy's good nature". I've spent quite a bit of money recently thinking i might have some companions here in Whistler to race regularly with but it's leading towards "i've got nothing better to do so I'll go see if Cowboy wants to do something with his gear".

Its a bit frustrating to say the least...

Lets hope I can find someone here in Whistler to appreiciate the value of these items and want to come race at a friendly competitive level soon.;)

2011.08.14, 06:49 PM
Come to California! ;)