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2011.08.17, 04:38 PM

Been looking trough all the threads about tri dampers but still have some questions.
Most important, wich system will fit on a murcielago (the old one) WITHOUT cutting the body. Important because our rules do not allow cutting the body.

Secondly, does each system work on each motorpod? For instance on one of my cars I have the PN LCG V4 MR2289 .Will the reflex racing system work with this pod? In my todo box I have the latest reflex motor mount I still have to try. Will the PN system work with this?

Thirdly, are all systems multi wheelbase? I drive 98 mm with the murc, but like to try 94 or 96 with a nissan 350Z 2007

Thats it for now.

Thank you

2011.08.17, 06:23 PM
You do not need to do any modifications for the Reflex Multi-option rear mount. The PN 98mm version which uses the 98mm mount definitely does not need modification to the body either. I have never used the PN 94mm variant, so cannot speak for certain, but I would believe that it would work without needing modification either.

The Reflex Racing tri-shock is capable of running 94, 96, and 98mm with either the Reflex Racing AWB motormount that is also 94, 96, and 98mm compatable without needing any additional parts to convert the wheelbase, or the PN 94mm LCG4 or 94mm reconfigurable mount. The 94 LCG4 needs a 96mm t-plate to run at 96mm.

The 98mm tri-shock mounts considerably lower than the Reflex or PN 94mm configurations due to the fact that it uses the PN FMv4 mount as its base, which mounts the damper as low as an LM damper is mounted. This allows it to be used under many more bodies without modification. The primary downfall is the fact that it is restricted to 98mm wheelbase or longer.

The PN 94mm variant can be used with the same mounts as the reflex, Although the shock and shock tower length are considerably longer than the shocks used with the Reflex system, so they will fit under less bodies without modification. I do think they will fit fine under the Murcielago, but you may run into clearance issues with smaller bodies. The 350Z shouldnt need modification with this system either, although I cannot be certain as I have never used the PN 94mm TDS system.

2011.08.17, 09:22 PM
If you have the V1 of the PN 94mm variant, it can be mounted almost as low as the 98mm variant and thus would clear the Murcielago with no problems. Tire clearance will also not be an issue since the Murcielago uses +3W rear wheels.

The 350Z bodies have plenty of clearance to run the Reflex tri-shock, however the PN 94mm variant is a little bit tight as far as I remember. You have a better chance of making it work with the V1 than the V2 kit, when the shock mounting position was widened.

2011.08.18, 03:00 AM
Thank you very much.
I'll think about it.