View Full Version : total newb mr03 which wheels ?

2011.08.18, 07:39 PM
hey just got a real mini z to replace my clone that has finally died... it a mr03 chassis set and i just cant find the correct wheels for this model? the ones i got have a slot? they will not fit on the hubs, are there special wheels for this model, i trying to match it with 'original' skyline body, the chassis set indicates it can accomodate this body.


2011.08.19, 12:20 AM
the chassis will fit the body but i believe your wheel are for the ma-01 Awd chassis.

you will need Mr-02/03 rims...

2011.08.19, 02:58 AM
welcome to the forums...

mr015/02/03 rims have a circular center

awd rims have a small rectangle like slot that you put onto the axles

if you got the rims with a slot in them, they will not fit your mr03...
get the rims with the circular center, and the corresponding offset for your skyline...

hope this helps...

hmm... it says you're from melbourne... is there a track down there? and how's the mini-z scene over there? pls do post some pics... :D

2011.08.19, 06:07 PM
hey thanks for the heads up, i have ordered some wheels, dont know how to calc offset as the body has not arrived yet (it is the real old school skyline, looks like a p510), i got some cheapie wheels ordered that have no slot, so assume will get me going. thanks for responses

2011.08.19, 07:09 PM
The offset comes with the wheels, so you better hope they are the correct offset...!

2011.08.19, 08:01 PM
If I am not mistaken, the body you ordered is the KPGC10 and needs 0N front wheel with 0W (no offset on front and rear) with the narrow front end configuration on the MR03. You will need to be sure to use the N upper and lower towers as well as N tie rod. The body is very narrow, and cannot use any offset or you will hit the tires on the body or protrude past the sides of the body. For pictures it may look good, but for actually driving, it will make it nearly impossible without damaging the car.

Here is a pic of the car for reference.
http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR6Y5wYgQy0kEkVQJg3Uny60PAKRYsWI _oMpxz8oxuHFcGhiR4Q

2011.08.19, 08:57 PM
mmm, this sounds a bit disturbing... when the bits arrive we will see how bad it is, then i will ask the next question lol


2011.08.20, 05:39 AM
if it's the really old school skyline, like the one in the pic that emu posted. the original rims are actually 0n (zero offset, narrow) front and rear.… and I know this because... it was my first z.… :D

although i actually haven't tried the 0w type rim on the rear with this body, it might work… hope this helps