View Full Version : Paper Honda HSV Model

2011.08.18, 09:06 PM
Check out this link below. THere are many paper cars you can build, including the new HOnda HSV in several sponsor liveries:


When you print the car you want, check out this link to find out how to assemble it and do other cool stuff with it:


2011.08.19, 07:30 AM
No comments? I thought this was cool. Mind you, I use Chrome as my browser and it translates everything so I can read it.

Left click your mouse on the blue buttons at the bottom of each racing car page. it will download the pdf file that you use to build the cars. Another use, which should appeal to all those running white bodies, it that you can take the file to your print shop and do up some sticker kits for your HSV (and NSX) bodies.

2011.08.19, 07:42 AM
papercraft is awsome stuff if you have both the patience and time:D these days i have neither.
i've tossed out a dozen papercraft projects that i simply will not get to. great stuff, fun to do but i just don't have the temperament for it anymore.

Old Crow
2011.08.19, 02:08 PM
Now only if I could get my hands on a HSV Epson Autoscale.....