View Full Version : Hi all, im new here =)

2011.08.22, 09:38 AM
http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j228/Holycrap_2006/b0578e23.jpg To start off heres a picture of my ride.

2011.08.22, 10:41 AM
Welcome to our community ! :-) nice MR-02EX GT-R!

2011.08.22, 01:14 PM
gorgeous car. i spent a good deal of time with the gt-r myself:cool:

2011.08.22, 03:59 PM
And I sold one, broke one and bought one. :p

Welcome to MZR! Looks like you've got the right batteries and put some miles on your new car already, keep on doing that and have fun! I think you just about cemented my decision to put my Autoscale GT-R back on the track. :)

2011.08.22, 06:39 PM
Not before you get the lexan treatment of the top windows and rear wing, color0...huge improvement from stock if this past weekend was any indication.

Welcome to the world of micro-RC, drew.;)

unearthed name
2011.08.22, 08:30 PM
yo go to the atomic collectives drew? hopefully can see you in near future.

2011.08.22, 09:19 PM
yo go to the atomic collectives drew? hopefully can see you in near future.
Yup, in fact that's where I bought this set from, and drove it on their indoor track...looking forward to meeting u too!

2011.08.23, 12:37 AM
welcome to the forums.... unfortunately i wasn't able to see atomic collective when i was in sing a couple of weeks back... are there any other tracks besides atomic collective in sing? how much did you get yours? thanks in advance...

2011.08.23, 09:07 PM
I got it at 199 SGD... RTR with 8 AAAs =)

2011.08.24, 10:04 PM
went to toycar and they listed their mr02ex at 269sgd... see this thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36869)
where'd you get yours?

2011.08.24, 11:40 PM
Atomic collective...bunch of awesome guys there, the moment I got it, they gave me a free set of racing 20 slicks and 20 radials to replace the stock tires to drive it on their track.=)

2011.08.25, 02:44 AM
ah... will make it a non-negotiable point to visit next time i'm there...
sorry again for being off-topic... back to topic now... :D

2011.08.25, 04:43 AM
My first hop up: a set of ball bearings to replace the plastic bushings in the chassis, going to keep everything else other than the radial and slick tires stock. :)

2011.08.25, 09:49 AM
That's sound reasoning. Most people don't try their cars as is much before swapping all sorts of parts out and they lose the initial drive information and it's baseline performance. (I'm guilty of this as well so I'm not pointing fingers:D)

Hope to see photos soon.

2011.08.25, 10:02 AM
As a 1/10 nitro on road racer in the past, i could say i have a fair bit of experience in RC,i don't want to hop up too much as im satisfied with the car's current handling now, upgrading to ball difs and the like will be too soon cos it will have a DRASTIC change on the stock handling of the car.