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2011.08.22, 06:00 PM
Here is the point standing so far.
Shawn, I took the liberty to do the standing table from the result you posted. Hope you don't mind:D

2011.09.24, 11:23 PM
Updated Points Series Standing Sept 24,2011

pomme de terre
2011.09.24, 11:47 PM
One point behind you :p

2011.09.25, 01:54 AM
going to rebuild the whole car to counter the emerging threat:mad:

2011.10.08, 11:44 PM
Jon took the lead by 9 points and the fight for second and third heats up. Hope Jon DNF next race : >

2011.10.23, 03:37 AM
Jon took another win and cemented his lead by 19 Points. With only 5 races left, Jon just needed one more TQ and finish 2nd in the rest of race and he will be the MCC3 Formula 1 Champion.

Hope he will DNF soon :D

2011.10.23, 03:39 AM
forgot to attach the PDF, here it is.

pomme de terre
2011.10.23, 05:59 PM
Good thing you flipped and DNF'd in the last two races :p

2011.10.24, 11:22 PM
I m going to need teammate to increase my chance to catch up. hmmmmm may be I need to set up Jimmy's F1..............:rolleyes:

2011.10.26, 11:08 AM
revised standing. Jon pointed to me that I made a mistake in the points. I corrected it and post the new standing again. DNF is 0, there is no count back.

2011.10.26, 11:47 AM
revised again. I forget to move Calvin up last PDF and I also change Race 3 to a half distance since we raced only for 5 min.Only half point was awarded.

2011.10.28, 10:53 AM
Jon, u going tonight? i'm gonna bring my AWD and see how it runs

2011.11.05, 11:52 PM
Cedric got his first win of the season and Jon kept his consistency and took 2nd.
He is running away with the championship with 20.5 point over the second place. The fight for second heated up with Casey, Herbert, Jimmy, Danny and Cedric. Only 5.5 point covers the second to sixth.

2011.11.10, 02:00 AM
Just notice last night, so far in 6 races, Casey got the most pole position (3) with Hebert, Jon and Danny got 1 pole each

2011.12.05, 08:33 PM
with 2 more races to go, Jon bagged another commanding win and extended the lead to 14.5. With Danny and Jimmy DNFed this race, the race for 3rd place heated up. With a 2rd place finish this race, Lucas caught up the tail end of the group of 4 people fighting for 3rd place.

pomme de terre
2011.12.05, 09:29 PM
The separation 24.5 points right? If you win the next two races as well as get points for TQ that would put you at 28.5 + 10 + 2 + 10 + 2 = 52.5.

Now I can drive recklessly for the next two races without worrying ;)

2011.12.05, 09:50 PM
sorry Jon, there is a fault in your logic mainly due to my misinformation in the last post. Please check the PDF again. You will spot where I make a mistake ( u studied rocket science, right?) and also it is best 8 pf 10. Still pretty open.

pomme de terre
2011.12.06, 07:18 AM
My bad, thought there were only 2 races left but there's actually 3

2011.12.18, 12:23 AM
tonight's result

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latest result