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2011.08.23, 05:32 AM
OK..hi there folks..new to mini-z so I thought I'd ask a couple of questions.

First off I just bought an mr02MM asf...what fets should it have?,and which are the recommended replacements now.not looking to run silly fast motors but I like to have a large safety margin plus later options.

Second..can you change the MM configuration to LM and what would be the advantages/disadvantages..gotta say I seem to like most of the bodies that say LM chassis..

Last..I don't quite get the whole wheel offset thing..I mean I get you need the wheels not to stick out the side of the body so they don't catch trackside etc..but I can't find a decent resource to find out for example what are the advantages to running the reflex wtf and 0 offset as opposed to a std front end with a large offset..I do get that it is more important at the front as it affects steering.I presume the wheels have the offset moulded in so if the tyres stay the same width you are moving the contact patch further away from the pivot..gotta affect ackerman..but how exactly..and apart from track width what difference does it make at the rear..

2011.08.23, 10:06 AM
First of all, welcome to the world of micro-RC racing.

The asf MR02 should have a layer of 3010 fets on each side of the board essentially making it a 2x2 stack. It can handle a wide range of motors including some of the hotter motors with appropriate gearing. The delivery of power from 3010 fets make this board very manageable as a first car so i wouldnt stress about fet options for a while.

The real difference (other than wheelbase length) between MM and LM is the width of the rear diff and the wheel offset required to fill the rear wheelarches. You can make an MM configured car fit most LM cars by picking wider offset rear wheels.

As for offsets and benefits of RR's WTF, there are a couple of threads around here(the second thread is a respected racers impressions of wtf2):


Hope I've helped.:D