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2011.08.23, 11:46 AM
Hi guys

Simple question, how much travel is a stock mr03 suppose to have?
I've been working on my brothers car, he has had it for over a year but never got it running like it should.
Now i put it back together according to the manual (i dont own a MR03 so I dont know how its suppose to look) and i find there is very little suspenion travel. Like less then a mm.
In the manual it says one shim above the knuckle and one below it, wich I did.
If i remove one of the knuckles there is to much slop on the spring.

Now am i doing something wrong, or did my brother maybe gave me wrong springs?

Secondly, what would be the best cheap alternative for a stock suspension?


2011.08.23, 12:57 PM
The MR03 indeed does not have a lot of suspension travel in stock form. The springs will be decently preloaded if you put the front end together according to the Kyosho manual -- I took out the shim above the knuckle (leaving only the one below it) and used the pair to lower the front clip. Even with PN knuckles, I have just under 2mm of suspension travel, so I would not be surprised that you have less. You're probably doing it right. :)

Best alternative to this is the long-kingpin/coil-over type of suspension. Reflex has had their gold-colored (Ti-Nitride I believe) kingpins out for a while, and PN just released some coated stainless steel ones of similar length. Use MR02 springs with these, they'll work great. l)

2011.08.23, 03:04 PM
The MR-03 kit has two 0.5mm shims (thin) and one 0.8mm shim (thick) for each side of the front suspension.
In the manual it is shown to use all the three shims - one under the knuckle, one above the knuckle and one above the suspension arm.
The one above the suspension arm limits the suspension travel - try without it.
Here is a pic of my 03 when I bought it:
It has 0.8mm shim below and 0.5mm shim above the knuckle and it has about 2mm travel (I think) and it is enough. You can remove the C-clip from the king pin too to allow a little bit more travel, but I think it is pointless.. It is not an off-road vehicle.
Don't forget to have fun :cool: lol