View Full Version : Fios vs. Cable

2011.08.23, 09:50 PM
anyone have stories on one vs. the other? currently have cable but looking to try Fios. what are the real differences in tv and internet services?

my situation:
3 tv's in the house, each with their own dvr. i have mine, wife has hers and the kids have theirs.

internet gets routed to our structured wiring/home network. at anyone time there are 2 gaming systems and or 5 computers online. every room in the house as an data jack, only a few have phone jacks, only a few have coax.

just wondering if i'm going to be hosed in a switch to Fios.

2011.08.24, 09:00 AM
I have had Direct TV, Optimum, and Fios is the best by far. It has a better picture, easier categorizing of channels and menu options. Never went out once due to weather. Internet is the fastest it has been. My entire family loves it, I have 3 dvr's and 8 tv's hooked up right now. I have no complaints with Fios. Also, with football they have the Red Zone for free.:cool:

2011.08.25, 02:18 PM
I have fios (came from cable before we moved to the area). FIOS ROCKS! Just upgraded to the 35/35 plan on internet. That's 35mbps up and 35mbps down. Service is great!

2011.08.25, 02:41 PM
this is reassuring news.

follow-up question would be what tier of service would be recommended for our use? with existing cable, the service slows when several computers are doing various things and gaming systems online. assuming that is a bandwidth/capacity issue vs. up/down speed.