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2011.08.26, 04:07 AM
Hi all
i just got my new mr-03 with RF-901SM module and PN Racing KO Module Adapter for 3PK.
according to PN i adjusted the steering EPA to 43% and D/R to 100% before connecting the RF-901SM module turned my 3PK off.
i also made sue that the 3PK was not on HRS/PCM it was on PPM.
then plugged the adapter to my 3PK and on it plugged my RF-901SM
now once i turned the 3PK on there was a puffing noise from the RF-901SM module and i could smell that something was burnt.
on the outside there is NO visible damage to the RF-901SM module.
but it is now not working.
what should i do?
thank you.

2011.08.26, 04:27 AM
First off I would open the module to check the board inside. You can post pictures, too, so we can have a look at it.

2011.08.26, 04:42 AM
first thanks for the quick response.
are you sure it will not void the warranty if the is any??

2011.08.26, 05:31 AM
Well, I do not know customer rights in your country. In Germany you pretty sure loose guarantee with this.
If you want to save your guarantee, I suggest to contact the seller / shop and ask for advice in this case.

2011.08.26, 05:17 PM
i opened the module found out that one of the diode/cap is puffed i found this photo online

it is the one on the right that have "47 20V" on it.
what is it?
any idea where i can get one to replace it??

2011.08.26, 06:49 PM
One of my buddies had that roast on his too. We couldn't find a replacement, but Ko propo took care of it without question.

2011.08.26, 07:01 PM
That photo is a bypass you can do that will allow you to use the module with out the pn adapter. It works great as I used it on my 3pk when I had one

2011.08.26, 07:11 PM
someone told it is a 47uf 20V SMD Tantalum Capacitor what do you think? is it possible?