View Full Version : Whats the best gear ratio for a stock kyosho motor?

2011.08.28, 11:25 AM
Im currently running a 7T with the stock spur/gear diff and i feel it could use a little more top speed...should i change to the 8T or stick with the 7T?

2011.08.28, 01:53 PM
On a small/mid size track, 8/44 (44t on stock spur), mid/large size track 9/44.

2011.08.28, 01:55 PM
Best way to find out is try :)
I drive small tracks all the time. Usually with a 8T.

2011.08.28, 01:59 PM
So a 7 T pinion is still too low???

2011.08.28, 02:09 PM
6t is useless, 7t only on really small tracks, 8t on small/mid, 9t on mid/large. I like to top out halfway down the straight, so depending on the length of your straightaway and tighness of the corners, you may need a different gear ratio. Try each pinion, and check to see what laptimes and how many laps you do in a full battery run. This way you have data to show which you are faster with.

2011.08.28, 11:25 PM
Would the track at atomic collectives be considered a very small or just small? When I drove it with a 9T I was able to race neck to neck with a modified car at the straights,only to be overtaken afterwards at the curves :( 7T was a great balance of speed and acceleration all round at the straights and curves, I have yet to try out the 8T...

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2011.08.29, 12:26 AM
then try. that's why people spend the whole day in the track. trying new stuffs. lol

2011.08.29, 03:59 AM
small track is less then 6 sec stock for me.
But maybe its better to look at the longest piece of circuit where you can go flatout.

2011.08.29, 07:26 AM
You have to see how the speed gained in the straight balances out against the speed lost in the curves. Perhaps a bigger gear with some adjustments to the car can give you good speed on the straight, and you can get less performance loss on the infield.

No clue what the track at Atomic Collectives looks like.

2011.08.29, 10:41 AM
The ATC track is a 3WL track (17x9) with a wide straight. I would consider it small/medium. We are running the same layouts as they are, and I would probably recommend an 8t or 9t gear depending on the specific motor. Even though the tracks aren't huge, there is typically a lot of carry speed with the layouts.

2011.08.29, 11:10 AM
Just in case u were wondering... Alright i think imma go with an 8T than. =)

2011.08.29, 02:42 PM
Looking at the track I would definitly start with an 8, and maybe go to the 9 when I get the last corner nailed to get more speed on the straigth.

2011.08.29, 11:58 PM
Do take note that im still using the stock motor from kyosho, fitting it with an 8T pinion is okay? Or should i consider an upgrade?

2011.08.30, 06:03 AM
No, I also race stock. I even ran it with a 12T couple of weeks ago.
Top speed rather good then but offcourse infield alot slower.
Usually I always run it with 8T.

2011.08.30, 08:31 AM
The only problems I ever had with running the stock motor was while running 9/10t pinions on a huge track for 10 minute mains. The motor would heat up a lot and lose power towards the end of the runs. Most of us elected to go with 9t pinions and try to restrict ourselves from just mashing the gas for the entire main :D On medium to smaller tracks I never noticed this problem, and the track I am referring to was pretty large, and they always had a lot of high speed areas where the car was maxed out.

Here is a pic for size reference.

2011.08.30, 09:45 AM
I was told many moons ago that your motor's RPMs should top out 3/4 of the way down the longest section of straightaway... fairly simple method.

Usually ran an 8t pinion with the Stock motors... 9t works fine for the bigger tracks.

2011.08.30, 06:36 PM
Thanks for all of your suggestions guys, I still have yet to test the 8T set up on the tracks...Arggh I have to wait till weekend..Friday Friday...