View Full Version : East Coast check in.

2011.08.28, 12:29 PM
I have had some direct contact with a few members and am waiting to hear from a few more.

How about everybody checking in and letting us all know how the storm has affected you.

2011.08.28, 01:21 PM
Huge oak tree fell onto my gramma's house. Only broke through in one spot. No one was hurt, and the water damage was minimized by her toting buckets all night, so it wasn't too bad. We had a myriad of debris in our backyard, but no lost trees, and no noticable damage.

2011.08.28, 01:26 PM
I havent been out yet, but we didnt have much of a hit around my area in Manhattan. We are fairly elevated, so there was no risk of flooding, just strong winds possibly breaking windows. By the time it got here, winds were not strong enough to do much. I expected the worst, and while it didnt effect us much, I am sure there are millions that it hurt drastically. So I wont be downtalking the storm like most New Yorkers.

2011.08.28, 01:35 PM
We didnt see much here, lot of debris from the wind and a lot of rain. I raced indoor 1/10th at a track outside Baltimore yesterday, it was a 90 mile drive one way and I was worried about getting caught in something but it wasnt bad.

2011.08.28, 02:44 PM
just a summer thunderstorm that lasted for many hours for us. nothing to worry about. we lost power for 4 hours but turns out some drunk wrapped his car around a pole just down the road.

2011.08.28, 05:08 PM
Glad to see y'all are safe. :)

2011.08.28, 05:29 PM
yeah, earthquake and hurricane all in a week puts everyone a bit on edge but came through fine.

don't plan on visiting the washington monument anytime soon, that ones going to take some time to repair.

2011.08.28, 05:52 PM
Flooding is everywhere in Bergen County NJ, across from Manhattan. Luckily I live on a hill so all water just run down and minor seeping from garage's floor under my cars which ran out the garage doors. Maj's shop is in high ground so no flooding but can't say other side of town is major flooded. My task is try to get to work tomorrow in Wayne which is in Passaic County and if you watch world news, then you know what Passaic River does!

2011.08.28, 07:08 PM
No damage here directly at my place. A few trees down in the area and the power is still out. Hanging out with family until it's back on. Wasn't really as bad as they were making it out to be here. My friend down in Lewes beach, he was ducking in and out of the bathroom due to tornados in his area. I had the weekend off to go to the shore... that didn't quite work out so well.

2011.08.28, 07:23 PM
No flooding in my area just a couple downed trees and no loss of power. Unfortunately surrounding areas are preparing for the worse due to rivers flooding.

Eddie good luck getting to work, stay away from rt 46 as parts of it will be closing if the Passaic river crests above 10ft which they are estimating 15ft by Tuesday.

Action B
2011.08.28, 07:44 PM
I was without power for around 16 hours. Thats about it.

2011.08.28, 08:27 PM
No problems at my place, which is about 60 miles NW of Philadelphia. Just some downed tree limbs and leaves. Philly, however, had alot of flooding, especially along the Schuykill River....

2011.08.28, 10:17 PM
We have been without power all day. Not sure when we will get it back. Other then that no damage at all. Places north west of me got hit really hard with rain. One place had 12 inches in 4 hours.