View Full Version : Ferrari 599xx vs TRP Mosler

2011.08.29, 02:25 AM
i'm trying to get a new 98mm body to replace my mercedes benz slr body.
i'm thinking between the 599 and mosler body. can anyone sugest which one better? i'm running x speed awd asf motor.
thank you.

2011.08.29, 05:10 AM
If you don't want to do a lot of bodywork, I suggest the 599 -- the Mosler looks like it would have a hard time fitting the MA010 chassis whereas I think the 599 should work with a little windshield trimming. Not entirely sure though. As far as performance goes, the 599 has more understeer, the Mosler more oversteer, but when prepared for racing to the fullest extent, they produce approximately the same lap times. The 599 is more nimble but the Mosler has an aerodynamic advantage.

2011.08.29, 07:38 AM
I suggest the 599. The side profile is nearly identical to the SLR. This means that the general aero effect will be very similar to the SLR, and the setup wont have to change too much.

Also, I feel that the Mosler would traction roll a lot more than the 599. I still think that the Enzo or FXX is one of the best AWD bodies for 98mm. I prefer low CG bodies, and try not to be aero dependant. The less aero needed, the more you can rotate the car...

2011.08.29, 08:15 AM
Thank you for the info guys. I'm thinking of putting the body to the mr03 chassis too if possible. Are the caracter would be more or less the same? Like over/understeer, etc?