View Full Version : Planning to buy an autoscale Enzo Ferrari body...

2011.08.30, 05:07 AM
Although it's meant for an MR-03 chassis it can also fit a MR-02 MM which pretty much fits the set up of my MR-02 EX, what I want to know is whether it includes the front body slot piece(that white plastic thingy) so I can unscrew and remove my Nissan GTR body and replace it with the longer one which the Enzo body can fit?

2011.08.30, 06:07 AM
yes, every body includes the front clip.
Autoscale or white body.

2011.08.30, 07:34 AM
Awesome, will post pics once I have got the body and replace the beaten to hell nissan GTR =P

unearthed name
2011.08.31, 01:48 AM
Get a white body drew, they're cheaper and lighter

2011.08.31, 02:11 AM
Nah I prefer Te red one,besides I can't find a white Enzo body:(

2011.08.31, 05:55 AM
Are the Enzo en the nissan the same wheelbase?

2011.08.31, 06:49 AM
Uh oh it seems the Enzo has a 98mm wheel base while the Nissan a 94MM, does that mean it would not fit?
Its ok i got it covered already i refered to some ones MR-02 enzo ferrari build thread and did a comparison with his pic of his MR-02 enzo underside shot:
The chassis dimensions are almost a perfect match,hopefully the MR-03 enzo ferrari body would fit. =)

2011.08.31, 09:29 AM
yes the enzo will fit then.
I'm just wondering now how you got the nissan to fit if it was 94 mm :p

2011.08.31, 03:03 PM
Which Nissan body were you using, the GTR race body is 98mm, the street version is 94mm and narrow at that...

2011.08.31, 04:40 PM
Xanavi GT-R so it's the race version.