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2011.08.30, 12:24 PM
Okay so I got this problem with my Mini-Z F1 and Mini-Z Overland. I bought these when they first came out. Anyways down to the point. My cars can't even go farther than 4 feet away from me. It's like they have a mind of their own. They also twitch from time to time (especially the Overland). Ive read and did my homework, reseated and secured the tx and rx, given then fresh batteries, even exchanged the tx and rx from another mini-z. But all of them have the same problem.

So I got this controller for all my Mini-Zs:

Thanks in advance

2011.08.30, 12:28 PM
pics not coming in on my end so im going to assume your running am. if so you may just have a bad crystal in the radio beings both cars are doing the same thing

2011.08.30, 01:56 PM
If you quote him and copy paste the link in your browser you can see the pic.
Yes its AM.

2011.08.30, 09:30 PM
So the best thing I should do is get new crystals? Is there anyway to get this running on 2.4gHz? Idk what Im talking about, but I do know thats what i used to run on my RC helicopters.

unearthed name
2011.08.31, 01:47 AM
The only way for you to run 2.4 is to get a new board (costs about 90$) and a new remote.

2011.08.31, 04:52 AM

If your car is AM, then you might check if you are using alkaline or rechargeable batteries in your remote. Alkaline are more glitchy than the others.

You can also check all electrical/wi-fi device that are in your area cause AM cars are easily disturbed by electrical signals. Let's try somewhere else (outside with your overland by exemple) or with some device shutted down.

Also the building structure can cause some glitch. At our club, when my AM AWD come close to a pillar (reinforced cement thus including metal sticks in it) I get interference. One foot away, everything's fine.

Good luck in checking all those stuffs.

2011.08.31, 08:59 AM
Oh okay well that makes sense more. We've got WIFI everywhere in the house, so this is basically hopeless since I can't play with my F1 in the house anymore?

2011.09.01, 04:53 AM

Let's try your car with your wifi turned off. You will see if you get an improved control or not. As I mention, this can come from various device/structure.

You might also find a room that is much "cleaner" than another from those glitch.

2011.09.01, 09:59 AM
I know this may be too simple, but those are the things we overlook the most, and the best place to start troubleshooting. Can you verify that the antenna is plugged in, contacting the wire correctly, and that the wire is solidly connected to the board? Also, check and make sure the antenna in the Tx is secure as well.

2011.09.02, 10:23 AM
Everything is secure, turned the wifi off. Should I just replace the crystals?

2011.09.02, 11:13 AM
I would definitely check out some different crystals then.

2011.09.02, 05:06 PM
Alright thanks for the inputs guys :D

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2011.09.25, 11:26 PM
Just curious if a bad crystal was the culprit in the end?