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2011.08.31, 09:21 AM
Hi guys...

We have our track here in Brazil... so, I always loved the Mini Cooper 1:1 car, it's small, old/modern style, just a beauty to me..

I made a very good setup to run in our track, very consistent lap over lap, and with a great best lap yesterday - 11"94 (the overall record is 11"70), as you can see in the video:


Here's the setup (it's a carpet track we have):

Yelow atomic semi-hard springs on the front;
PN Racing pitch 64 Diff, 12/52 (13, don't remember now)
Reflex 70T CTP Motor
PN Racing 90mm MM motor mount with DDS
Atomic Slick 20 front tires and W-Groove 10 rear (both narrow).


I'm so happy that I wanted to share this with you, guys!

2011.08.31, 09:34 AM
hehe very nice. O live the way it moves around the track :)
What kind of setup was the 11.7 ? also a cooper?

2011.08.31, 10:19 AM
No... a 98mm Mclaren (the short one). Nobody using 90mm is under 12"50 there!
Same CTP 70T motor.

2011.08.31, 10:46 AM
Nice Track! Congratulations to you guys for running MIni-Zs in Brazil. We had a group in Brasilia when I lived there :-) I will post the video on my Blog :-)

Show de Bola!

2011.08.31, 04:42 PM
Did you live in brasilia? When?

I use to go there every week working... Thanks for liking it! if you have plans to visit sao paulo, let me know! It'll be a pleasure receive you here!

Obrigado, amigo!!! :)

2011.08.31, 04:56 PM
As the guys at Cruzin RC have found out, the Cooper is actually a REALLY fast 90mm body. It's a boxy aero-poor shape, but zero overhangs front and rear mean the tires are always pretty happy. Great work!

2011.09.01, 03:00 AM
cool nice post, thanks for sharing...

2011.09.01, 04:58 AM
Nice car and driver!

On my own 90mm chassis I use the GT3. This means I can use wide on rear.
But my chassis is an RM. The narrow class are really fun cars to drive. So much responsive than my other cars.

2011.09.05, 02:18 PM
Sure it is more responsive! I think the body, wheel base and off-set have a strong "connection" with the driving style. I just love to run my cooper with this setup!

Next, we will try to make a 90mm narrow class!

2011.09.05, 10:43 PM
Next, we will try to make a 90mm narrow class!

We run a 90mm narrow class. Its a lot of fun. I am currently working on a Porsche 911 GT3 setup. I have one car that is RM and another that is MM. On the current layout, the MM car is considerably better. The first car that I drove in this class was a Mini, and I won the first race. I switched away from the mini after breaking a knuckle, and constantly stripping the tires off the wheel when I graze the wall. The Porsche has a different driving style, but protects the wheels a bit better.

In the class I have driven, mini, AE86, new Celica, FC3S RX7, FD3S RX7, Porsche GT3-R, Porsche GT3... The AE86 and the Porsche are the faster bodies out of the bunch for my driving and chassis setup.

2011.09.24, 10:41 PM
Updating, I'm still in love with my 03 Cooper!

I tried out some new things:

- Atomic Aluminium knuckes + PN aluminium front arms: The whole front end is more stable now.

- Atomic narrow diff + Atomic dish -1 wide rins: WOW!
Tried the 7d V-pattern wider rear + 10d w-groove narrow front - Too much grip = flips all arround. I couldn't enter the turns as I was used too, or even a small hit in the wall.
Then tried the 10d V-patern wide rear + 20w-groove narrow front - PERFECT.

- PN Dual spring top shock - That helped a lot in the elevated turns, 'cause the car was rolling when face level changes.

I'm still "14 above the record, but my laps now are as consistent as 12"25, way down the local average.

I'll try sine new pics and a video as soon as possible! if you guys have any doubt, I'll be glad to help!

2011.11.29, 04:49 AM
Hey I have a question.
Do you think the reflex racing adjustable top front end will work with this body?
I want to build a cooper for fun.


2011.11.29, 08:51 AM
Hey I have a question.
Do you think the reflex racing adjustable top front end will work with this body?
I want to build a cooper for fun.


Yes, it will work on a narrow front end.

2011.11.29, 09:41 AM
thank you :)

2011.11.29, 03:06 PM
I'm planing to buy it too... but my setup is just awesome as it is...

I changed the motor to a PN50T bb, and drop the general mod record of the track to 11"23. The previous record was with an AWD with 11"59. The 70T record is 11"70 (by the same guy of the AWD record).

My setup now stands on 7 Atomic rear wide tires (became slick now) and 20 slick atomic narrow tires.