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2011.09.01, 04:42 AM
i tot only me and local racer friends have experience like this:


time flies and some browse, i find so many ppl have same problem.
there's alternative for everything as always, but in this case, it's kindda pricy isn't?
i'm talking about these orange things:


cost about US$15-20 but for some ppl isn't big deal, another problem is that thing is hard to find.

then after few friends ask, even push me to do something about it, still have no idea what to do, then weeks later [they even forgot about this shock problem], something comes up when i saw these sit on the corner


aaight, lets get to work!

so, 1st thing 1st, take the shock cup and flaten it use sharp object, then drill exactly at the middle of it. coz later we will push something inside.
use 2mm drill like this:
depth about 1mm is enuff.


find something smooth surface from the "plastic crap", then try to fit inside it.


if you made just like this:


that's perfect fit!
take it out again, and drop a tiny little ca on the hole, and QUICKLY reattach the plastic thing inside like before, and ofcoz dont forget to scrub little tiny amount of ca around the thing.


done? not so fast!
find out how to make the 2 sided "rail" like original one.
i personally use exacto knife to carve line, then use 1mm drill to make the rail.


try to make exactly the same as the other [of the original]
if you do these things right, there you go, as good[almost] as before!


i personally use pairing stick, since i have more than a dozen, dunno who left it and never used again.


that's all. hope this help.

2011.09.01, 06:56 AM
Nice information. While I have not broken my shocks, its nice to have a step by step method of repair ;)

unearthed name
2011.09.22, 02:33 AM
good one peh.