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2011.09.01, 04:45 AM
Anyone see this on the kyosho website? 10 degree tires!


MINI-Z Racing Radial Wide Tire 10
Bites road surface with the edgy tread pattern. Ultrasoft 10-degree compound produces super grip on any surfaces. No silicone material used.

Available in Sep 2011

A little more grip for those who find the 20 too slippery.


2011.09.01, 06:48 AM
Good find. I really like the 20, but more grip isn't a bad thing. I will try them when available.

2011.09.01, 06:53 AM
These may not have more grip, we will have to see how they work... It states no Silicone used, which I think their old 10d tires had, and made them nearly useless on RCP... One thing that could become an issue is that they are too soft, and roll off the wheel too easily. I assume that you must glue these tires, as tape may not be enough to keep them in place.

2011.09.01, 09:59 AM
These will be good in colder climates, where nothing seems to stick well.

When used with R246 tape, these should be fine. Remember, rubber is super sensitive to temperature.

2011.09.01, 02:27 PM
Should be a nice alternative here in the winter.
First winter with RCP here in the cold north. Really looking forward to it:D

unearthed name
2011.09.01, 07:45 PM
Finally! Thank you kyosho

2011.09.02, 01:20 AM
Will definitely have to give these a shot at Inside Line Racing -- with the new track down, not even 20 radials are very sticky so it's the perfect time to try laying down some new rubber. Now to buy tire tape...

2011.09.02, 09:29 AM
I bought 10 Deg Kyosho F1 tires in Japan before they were really soft and not usable on RCP. Don't know if this one will be same type of compound.

2011.09.21, 07:50 PM
mzw38-10. 20 degree is already pretty great traction on our track. 10 degree should be interesting but I wonder if they'll last more than 2 hours :)

So we've got Yellow for 30, pink for 20. I wonder what the color code for 10 will be?


2011.09.22, 12:14 AM
thanks for the info... :D

2011.09.24, 09:44 AM
looks like the average radial tire, see images up on rajitensanda.blog

they had 10 f1 tires which i recall coming in a blue bag.

2011.10.06, 05:10 PM
Yikes! Their price will be $18.99 vs $9.99.