View Full Version : Mini-Z AWD pinion and spur [fine gear 126 pitch?]

2011.09.01, 04:54 AM
sounds b******t isn't it?
coz i search everywhere nobody using it.
even when i tell some friends, they say they say i daydreaming.
but i'm not!
coz i've been using it.


above left the set on my AWD, the right show comparison with normal kyosho metalgear.

nothing bad intended, just share for inspiration.
maybe 3rd party will make and sell to the market soon.

Davey G
2011.09.01, 08:04 AM
WOW so cool! That is not 126 pitch but more likely 64pitch. Either way, AWESOME!

2011.09.01, 08:26 AM
I would love to have 64p for AWD :p Thanks for sharing.