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2011.09.02, 06:14 PM
Hi all occasionally when turning left or right from a stationary mode my 03 will reverse as tho 2 channels are interfering with each other im using eurus ex10 checked settings but after 7 months of no problem to now out of the blue
Just wondered if any one else has encountered the same problem?
I've checked all the obvious made sure wires ect intact and soldered, there is no reason my 03 should do this

Also like another collegue now and again I lose punch after one or two races again I've checked all the obvious settings, matched battery mah on my 750s ect again has anyone else encounter the same or maybe my 03 board only has a life span of 7 months lol
I'm pretty genned up on components, circuit boards but this is baffling me:confused:

Many thanks ;)

2011.09.02, 07:05 PM
I have had all sort of strange things happen on some 2.4 boards. Usually rebinding cures it. Give it a shot ;)

2011.09.02, 08:47 PM
Signals can get messed up pretty easily when you're on 2.4GHz. Alberto's recommendation would be the first one I try, and if that doesn't work either, reset your transmitter, and borrow a friend's ICS cable to reset your MR03. The software reset should solve 99% of problems since you have verified that the hardware is OK.

2011.09.03, 01:45 AM
To add, try a different model memory in the radio... or bind to another radio to see if its the radio or the car. Be sure that you set the endpoints/hipoint correctly for the radio, 60 should be the maximum for both the steering endpoints and hipoint.

Do you have the motor wires screwed in or soldered directly to the motor terminals on the board? What motor are you using? If you are losing power after a few races, check that the wires are not coming loose... What are the ambient temperatures like where you race?

2011.09.03, 05:26 AM
Thanks for the speedy replies
Inregards to the handset hi points/ endpoints ok within spec,have repaired to a diff tx and repaired again to my own still same just seems strange to turn the steering one way or the other and the chassis goes backwards all other settings I have even put back to factory settings ect and redone ics man on the board probably just a funny board

Inregards to losing punch temp is moderate, motor terms are soldered to the board with shortened wires( less resistance) all solder joints checked incase of a dry joint, we have breaks inbetween races ect to allow cooling using pn70 motors, have checked the brushes and cleaned the comm could the fets have any input to losing punch? 3010 on at present but possible looking at redoing

2011.09.03, 10:21 AM
With regards to the steering issue, have you tried re-calibrating the radio?

2011.09.03, 05:50 PM
Basically what happens now and again from a stationary position my 03 when you turn left or right without touching the throttle the chassis will just move backwards when turning the steering wheel only it's as tho one channel is picking up the other to create two functions with one input and yes I have recalibrated to be honest with the other problem inregards to losing punch aswell I think with everything else I've tried A new board seems to be the only answer I've got another spare so I'll swap over and see the outcome I just wondered if anyone else had simalar ghostie unexplanables like me but thanks for all the help guys much appreciated;)