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2011.09.03, 01:24 PM
As I lay on my back in the wet grass of my front yard gazing at the stars, I can't help but wonder. What happened to that freakin' Pedro dude :rolleyes:? Did I say something wrong? Did I do something that upset him? I secretly yearn on Thursday nights for his presence beside me while racing :p. The look of his wavy black hair as it blows by the A/C vent and the tone of his voice just does something for me while racing Mini-Z's :cool:.

I woke this morning in great turmoil due to not knowing Pedro's whereabouts. He hasn't raced in months and doesn't even return phone calls anymore :mad:. So, I figured what better to do than start a thread on the subject ;). Maybe he's embarked on some great journey, but forgot to tell his buddies goodbye. Even better, the military may have hired him to design a new Mini-Z based weaponry that will conquer the world. Or, he could just be sitting on his butt at the house watching Jerry Springer and eating Doritos :(.

Either way, I want to know what Pedro's doing!! So, everyone post up where you think he might be, heard he might be, or wish he would be. Of course, pictures would be even better than words :p. Pedro, if you're out there, you might want to speak up dude :D!

2011.09.03, 01:45 PM
I too have felt the yearning you describe James and have also wondered if it was something I said or did that pushed our buddy away... And I have to say, HSH has not been the same in the past few months...

As I was hanging out in the Chicago airport last week waiting for my seriously late flight, I thought I caught a glimps of HIM waking buy. I jumped up and chased after him. He ducked into the men's room and I followed. As awkward as it was I searched among the long line of men standing at the urinals. But no Pedro. I then started knocking on stall doors, saying Pedro I know you are in there and I miss you man. But no Pedro. Soon the airport police escorted me to my gate and waited with me until I boarded my flight and left their fair city.

Pedro! Where art thou??? Please come back!!!

2011.09.03, 02:15 PM
Wow I haven't felt this much yearning since I was arm in arm with the trophy girls at Maj's at last years regional. Still can't wipe that grin:D off my face just thinking about it.;)

Well enough of that. I heard he's doing fet jobs for government spending, they are doing everything possible to increase the speed at which they are putting us in to debt. Triple stack 8858's, power capacitors, upgraded wires, oh yeah and by pass the off switch.

Rumor has it that they are paying him close to 7 figures per job. It may take him another year to complete the project so we may not see him for awhile. He did say that he is going to he is going to start a Mini-z stimulus program with the proceeds for those that qualify. It will kind of be like the welfare program you will be rewarded for how many mini-z's you have. The more cars the more money. Of course you will have to pass a drugs test, unlike public welfare.

Anyway Pedro is safe, he is just really busy these days with fets, solder, flux and all. He is really getting in with some real important people and is talking to some about passing a bill making all Mini-z expenditures tax deductable. My response was, what if you are all ready righting off all your Z's off as company vehicles, any way, never mind that's another thread.

Who knows all this talk of Pedro for president may come true.

Long live Pedro!

2011.09.03, 02:46 PM
i heard he is on a goodwill mission to save humpback whales in the southern ocean. i thought i saw him on an episode of WHALE WARS,but the camara panned out too fast.

if you or your loved ones have seen Pedro please contact High speed hobbies ,you do not have to give your name, just tell him (sigh) we miss him


2011.09.03, 04:08 PM
Rumor has it that Pedro recently entered into a business venture with some of his Cuban buddies :cool:. He sent me some pictures of the product, but never really went too in depth on exactly what it is................


Pedro did say that business was booming :rolleyes:. Supposedly, it's really easy to sell with plenty of repeat customers :p. The packaging looks really familiar to me, but I just can't quite put my finger on what it is :confused:. Oh well, best of luck to him :D.

2011.09.03, 04:59 PM
it looks like food for scorpions, but i have been wrong before

2011.09.03, 08:24 PM
no it looks like bars of soap that they use in prisions

2011.09.04, 07:24 AM
The fact that you know this is a bit disturbing.

2011.09.05, 06:05 AM
I noticed last time Pedro was at HSH that he had been bulking up a bit :rolleyes:. And if you looked closely, there was some fresh ink on his bulging arms as they protruded from a plaid short sleeve shirt :eek:. I hadn't really thought that much of it, but while watching a UFC fight last night I saw the undeniable proof.................Pedro's luscious hair ;).


That totally explains everything! Pedro must be busy on race nights training for upcoming CAGE FIGHTS :cool:.

2011.09.05, 07:20 AM
I heard he was doing R&D for a race team out in the middle east.....horse racing of some sort.

2011.09.06, 05:49 AM
One of Pedro's relatives called me late yesterday evening after hearing about this thread we started :rolleyes:. They also have not seen or heard from Pedro in a long while. Apparently, one of them hired a private investigator who has been hot on Pedro's heels :eek:.

The investigator reported that Pedro has joined the Hare Krishna's and was traveling from airport to airport singing, selling flowers, and offering peace to those who will accept it :p. Numerous attempts have been made to take pictures of Pedro indulging in these activities with no avail :(. However, they did get a couple pics of two guys that Pedro has been mentoring and traveling with................


This may be why Traveler thought he saw Pedro at the airport :D. Pedro, if you're out there, just don't cut the hair buddy :confused:!!!!!

2011.09.06, 05:46 PM
Seems like a lot of you have been eating Hardees Fried Bologna Biscuits!

I have not expired or joined the Krishnas, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, gone Middle Eastern horse (or camel) racing. Nor have I been selling soap or scorpion food, hanging out around airport urinals or even worse joined Congress!

I have actually been quite busy rebuilding an old Mercedes I bought a few months ago. The car needs a bit of work but once finished I think it will draw quite a bit of attention on the road. The previous owner used the car overseas and added a few "choice" options. I have attached a picture of the car with its original owner.

I hope to get a good parking spot at High Speed! See you soon... essen Sie mein heißes Blei!

2011.09.07, 07:47 AM
How can we be certain that the last post was from the real Pedro.

Pedro-such a sweet deal, how can we know for sure you are the real Pedro and that you are not a fake Pedro who has hacked the real Pedro's account.

Real Pedro if you are out there, just know we not stop looking for you until you make it home .

2011.09.07, 10:06 AM
i think you should ask this person claiming to be pedro a question only the real pedro would know. like whats his favorite color or better yet whos face is tatooed on jays left but cheek?

2011.09.07, 04:09 PM
It's Frida Kahlo, stunning monobrow and all in a hula skirt, on Jay's haunch...

2011.09.07, 04:13 PM
thats the real Pedro

welcome back will we see u on thursday


2011.09.07, 04:14 PM
thats the real Pedro

welcome back will we see u on thursday


im not even going to ask how you know whats on jays butt.

2011.09.07, 04:30 PM
I saw it in the locker room during our post race showers.

2011.09.07, 04:33 PM
if he would stop coming to the races in his a$$less chaps no1 would know,but i think he likes to show off

2011.09.07, 04:35 PM
i didnt think we were supposed to talk about the showers after the race

2011.09.07, 05:51 PM
I'm still not convinced we're talking to the REAL Pedro :confused:. Given, he did know about the post race showers and the tattoo on Jay's butt :eek:! The way I see it, this person claiming to be Pedro can do one of the following things to gain my favor:

1. Send me a lock of your beautiful hair :D
2. Reveal all of the real Pedro's race secrets :eek:
3. Or..........show your face at HSH this week :)

Either way, I'd really like to get a lock of your hair if possible :p.

2011.10.07, 05:53 PM
It happened again... Last week in Chicago airport... Could have sworn it was him... But before I could be sure he vanished again...