View Full Version : My trusty MR-02 EX Enzo=)

2011.09.04, 06:51 PM
http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j228/Holycrap_2006/b3107272.jpgditched the Nissan gtr race body for this sleek autoscale body...one thing I Nvr noticed about the enzos rear view mirrors until I got this is that the right rear mirror juts out more than the left which is actually true if you were to look closely at a real scale Enzos rear view mirrorsO.o

unearthed name
2011.09.04, 07:10 PM
you'll loose them sooner or later. usually later :D

2011.09.04, 10:02 PM
greetings bung-drew...
wondering if your enzo is a new release...
i believe that the new release enzo has rear view mirrors that are made of rubber (like the newer autoscales)...

the older enzo's rear view mirrors are rigid and are molded onto the body... and as unearthed name mentioned, you unfortunately loose them...

2011.09.05, 12:00 AM
It probably is a new release, the Rear mirror joints are rubbery but the mirrors are rigid plastic(I think) I could and bend them quite easily... I noticed the rear bonnet still retains the antenna hole which was also on the much older one when the MR-02 chassis was AM band receiver...