View Full Version : someone to fet a board..

2011.09.07, 10:34 AM
hi guys ..well tried to solder 4 8858 fets onto my ASF board and poof smoke so obviously my soldering skills not up to this..Is there someone on the boards here who can do this if I send the board off?

EDIT ..I read Action B is the man..is this still the case?

Davey G
2011.09.07, 12:15 PM
Yup, ACTION B will take care of it!!!

2011.09.07, 12:32 PM
will he supply new fets again..I fried the 4 I bought..well I fried 2 for sure..the other pair..no idea..or will I have to buy some and send them with the board?

2011.09.07, 02:57 PM
Yes he has the fetts.;)

2011.09.07, 03:03 PM
cool..thanks guys ..now just need him to answer a pm :)

Ok well I re-soldered the original fets in place with considerably more care and no smoke this time but soon as I insert the batteries the motor just runs full speed.If I brake on the TX it brakes then speeds up again soon as I let go.No steering apparently..

So I rebound the TX to see what would happen and now neither brakes or steering just motor at max..did I fry my board completely? No red light either anymore..will Action B fix this too or does he just do the fets?