View Full Version : how many MC3 peeps are interested in the mini-z buggies?

2011.09.07, 01:42 PM
If you're interested in preordering, please contact me.

Here is a thread to get details on the buggy:


2011.09.09, 08:43 AM
will there be any buggy races?

2011.09.09, 09:15 AM
If we have enough of a field, yes. I'd say 4/5 ppl is enough. Anything lower than 4 and I don't think it's worth the effort.

Note I have ramps and bumps from RCP from back in the day and we can always put objects under the track to elevate it i.e. make ramps and to bank turns. It would have to be minimal changes though since we run open touring and F1 on the same track too.

Note I only put a couple of chassis/bodies kits on pre-order, specifically the Laser since I thought we only run indoors on RCP modified track.