View Full Version : New Carpet Oval Track North East Georgia

2011.09.07, 08:26 PM
Hi everyone. I just finished up my indoor track, and hoping to run a small winter series. This is an oval track, and makes for some great racing. Attached in a video of my BRP COT Stock Car. I'm open to creating classes, mini losi, BRP, Slider, or whatever else there is interest in. What is the interest like around this area, track is not far from Road Atlanta (about 10 miles).



2011.10.11, 07:43 PM
I live reasonably close I would guess given I'm in Hamilton Mill. I don't have any oval track cars per se but have several Mini-z including an F1 and I'd be willing to come up if Art (hpgod) would. I don't race a lot these days as I've moved over mostly to planes but I'm still willing to race on occasion and bring my 11 year old with me.