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2011.09.08, 06:04 AM
I just found something unique, but need opinion from you guys that maybe know the theories behind this to confirm if my experience was no coincidence.

I just put a 9T pinion in my iwaver 02M, its run smooth but I put the body on and it act strange, the throttle just on and off, I run it without body and it run smooth, but I try attach again and the strangeness is come back. Im pretty confused until I found that the antenna get stick to the motor because of 9T motor mount, so i think the antenna must be not get too close with the motor.

Then i ve get the wild idea, putting the antenna sideways from the motor as far as it could, and driving it on track without body. And its quite surprising the steering and throstle response become super fast and precision. Even when the batteries is about half capacity it still precisely controlled.

Is there anyone who have experienced this? Is there any theories behind this? Or it was just a coincident by run the car naked without body and its feel better?

I just really want to make a new hole in my body for the new antenna position, even i want to cancel my fast servo order because now it has super fast steering in stock. But its better to wait an opinion from you all :cool:

2011.09.08, 06:37 AM
motor EMF affecting antena reception.

2011.09.08, 06:20 PM
antenna is no-where near the motor on an o2m

how you have got it there is anyones guess

2011.09.08, 08:52 PM
The car will surely be much more responsive to input with no body. It's a large portion of weight, at the extremes of the vehicle.

2011.09.09, 04:21 AM
Thanks for the reply.
Agree with you @hrdrvr, its the weight effect, I just tried all antenna positioning, not really significant, just need to be not too close to the motor to avoid EMF like @wildthing said.

Thats why also IW 02 M handling is good in 10 minutes first only of new charged battery, after that it feels laggy, surely its because the power/speed of the servo is not too strong. With less weight resistance, until the batteries near death its handling still perform well.