View Full Version : What diameter of trued down front tires for Hi grip RCP?

2011.09.09, 10:34 AM
I'd like to know what diameter people true down the front tires to for hi-grip RCP.

2011.09.09, 02:09 PM
I typically don't true below 23mm, for tire life and aesthetic reasons. If the car's still traction rolling, I'll just run wide front offsets instead. :)

2011.09.09, 07:41 PM
I like around 22-22.5mm on a 19mm wheel

2011.09.10, 09:07 AM
I figured it out yesterday. I had to start with 22mm and after one day of racing + practice tires went below 21mm and grip was lost at the end but still driveable. Performance was good, however. No traction roll and I run 98mm with Atomic AR-244-W08 Rear. Both front and rear tires last a whole day.