View Full Version : Spinout despite using softer tires in the rear

2011.09.09, 11:37 AM
After setting up my MR03 with hard yellow in the front and soft in the rear. The car handles wonderfully on stock 30 degree front and rear. However once the tires pick up dust, I will spin out on every corner exit. Throttle modulation can't seem to fix the issue so I tried changing rear tires to softer 10 degree but the problem still exist after tires collect dust. The only way to stop this for the moment is wiping the tires every 30 seconds which is extremely cumbersome. Welcome any suggestions, thanks

2011.09.09, 11:53 AM
What surface are you running on? Be sure to clean the surface you race on before you drive the car. Softer tires tend to pick up more dust on hardwood, a radial tire or treaded tire will work better and pick up less dust, but will still pick up dust.

2011.09.09, 02:05 PM
Sounds like hardwood or tile to me, so here's my recommendation:

Foam tires. They're hard to find nowadays, but they are much more resistant to dust collection than any rubber or silicone tires and generally just more enjoyable to use on slick surfaces. The brands to look for are GRP and GQ, and I think X-Power or some Asian brand name related to it has foams mounted on white wheels now.

If you can't find those, then grooved silicone tires also tend to be pretty good on slick surfaces. ;)

2011.09.10, 08:40 AM
Thanks guys problem solved, I use some Tamiya Mini 4wd sponge tire, works like a charm, slight understeer at slow speed but responds very nicely at higher speed.