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2011.09.11, 07:13 AM

Excusez moi de ne pas écrire en Anglais et désolé si le post n'est pas à la bonne place.
J'ai téléchargé FSR et acheté Kyosho IC Tag...
J'ai 2 dnano...le scan fonctionne correctement, je sauvegarde "SAVED" mais le pilote n'est pas ajouté dans le tableau de droite...je ne peux pas créer de course...
Nous sommes plusieurs dans cette situation. Qu'elle en est la raison ?

Merci à vous !!!!!!!!!!!:)

So, i will try in English :
Sorry for my bad English...I have FSR and Kyosho Lap Time Detector for Dnano... I create a new Racer : the ID car is detected...I save ... SAVED OK but it is not in the Racer List ??!! Why ???? (Windows 7...)
Thanks ...

Nobody to help me ?

2011.09.11, 09:44 PM

This is the correct place to post. I am sorry that you are encountering troubles. Make sure you click the Create Racer button at the top of the screen first before entering any of the data.

If you were already doing that my second suggestion would be for any of the fields try entering only english letters and numbers. I doubt that is creating any problem but it is worth a test. I will try setting my Windows 7 to French to see if I have an internationalization bug somewhere.

You might also try running the program as an Administrator, it could be a permission problem.

Do you get any error messages when this occurs?


2011.09.12, 01:09 AM
I doubt it would be a language problem.
There not alot of different symbols in French, but when you test the most common are é è à and ç

Good luck.