View Full Version : Howto Chrome Paint ASCs ?

2011.09.11, 09:59 PM
Do you guys know how can I get this chrome finish on plastic ?


I googled and found this product but it is very expensive...


2011.09.11, 10:17 PM
Holy crap that is expensive. I think i have seen chrome spray paint before somewhere. Perhaps try a chrome decals.

2011.09.11, 10:47 PM
AFAIK Kyosho chrome-dips the plastic parts to get that finish. There is a reason why the 2008 R35 GT-R has a removable roof panel, and that is it. ;)

As to how you can get a chrome finish like that affordably, send arch2b a PM. Once upon a time he had some chromed bodies done for him, this is probably your best bet rather than resorting to the sprays sold on the market (not an especially good chrome finish from what Google tells me).

Keep in mind that your body must be mirror-smooth in order for the chrome to come out mirror-smooth...

2011.09.12, 01:16 AM
I have some chrome airbrush paint, but I'm not getting it the way it should be. It always comes out kind of dull.
I did see the same paint being used on bigscale lexan bodys wich came out very very nice. I do think you need to nail the undercoat to get it to shine properly.
The paint was from spastix.

looks like this:

2011.09.12, 06:39 AM
^ Another problem that could arise: lexan bodies are painted inside out, does it work if u paint directly on the surface?

P.S The Spastix chrome requires a water-based black for backing after fully cured

2011.09.12, 08:08 AM
Yes I know they are painted on the inside. And I think this coulb be an important issue why it looks so good on lexan.
I used it 2 times, once with white as background, once with black. But the result was both ties the same.
Next time I' using it i'm going to try a thin coat. Now I did 3 4 coats on it, and after the first one I thought this will be ok. But then after all coats it became dull.

This is mine. With black backing.