View Full Version : Motor mount

2011.09.11, 10:17 PM
I notice the R246 offers 4 motor mounts:MM, LM, RM and MML/HB

Is the MML just a 98mm version of the LM style mount?

2011.09.11, 10:48 PM
The LM mount should be 4mm wider (2mm each side) than the MM mount, based on the dimensions of the rear axles they accept... otherwise yes, they look about the same. The stock LM pod has been tested to work at 98mm too and I expect the R246 version to be just like that.

2011.09.11, 11:15 PM
So I'm assuming this MML Mount uses non-LM axle in 98mm configuration but has a lower center of mass from a laid down motor?

K nvm I found it it still requires a LM axle