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2011.09.13, 06:05 PM
I'm skipping the boilerplate event copy for this one since everything is new! :)

New location: 215 W. Michigan Avenue, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (http://maps.google.com/maps?q=215+W.+Michigan+Avenue,+Ypsilanti,+MI+48197&hl=en&gl=us&t=h&z=16&vpsrc=0)
New time: 8pm
New format: well, actually that won't be starting this week - our GTG this month will just be sort of a beta test of the new spot - and a chance to give input on what you want from our Fall Points Series - which will start next month! Be thinking about what classes you want to run etc....
New twist on food: instead of eating during the GTG, I thought those who care to do so could just meet up beforehand to eat at one of the many fine establishments that are now within walking distance - we'll use this thread to coordinate - please post suggestions etc. (I'm thinking Sidetrack (http://www.sidetrackbarandgrill.com/)?!).
New scheduling concept: I'm thinking we should just switch to e.g. every 1st/3rd Saturday (or 2nd/4th) so that we can avoid all the polls etc.?

I'm sure there are other points that I'm forgetting, so please check back for updates. Things have just been so hectic w/ the move etc. and we're still in the process of getting caught up even now...! :eek::o:rolleyes:

Please feel free to share ideas/thoughts/feedback/whatever in this thread too in advance of the GTG! :):cool:

OH, and please post to this thread if you are coming or not so we can get an idea of turnout - thanks! :)

2011.09.13, 07:28 PM
I will be there. I have the track so I guess I "have" to come to the gtg!

See ya!


2011.09.13, 09:50 PM
Will be there. Is there available parking by the building or do we need to find a spot? Sidetrack sounds good, I haven't been there in like 2 years now!

2011.09.13, 11:53 PM
Sorry, I won't be able to make it. I'll be in porn-land till the end of next week.

2011.09.16, 09:33 PM
We going to do Sidetrack? What time?

2011.09.17, 11:29 AM
Deca and YY-P are too lazy to post apparently but will be there too; what time do you think we need to eat to make it back by 8 - 7?

2011.09.17, 11:45 AM
7 at the latest. 6:45 is safer.

2011.09.17, 04:27 PM
Update: doesn't look like many people can make the pre-meet to eat so a couple of us are just going to grab sandwiches at the place next door (http://b-24s.com/) and we'll see the rest of you at 8pm! Call or txt me if you have problems finding the new spot...! ;):)

2011.09.18, 12:52 PM
Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to race last night - the new spot seems to be working out great, and things can only get better as we tweak/improve over time...:) That said, let me know any ideas/suggestions/feedback/etc.! :)

And to recap what we talked about for the points season (starting w/ next race): HFAY-style GT (PN 70T+ or Kyosho Stock), 8 races (oh, do we want to allow a drop or two?) which alternate between 2x 10min and 1x 20min each time - with the SAME track for the first 4 races and a second track for the last 4 (so we can minimize time spent on setup vs. racing). I think it will be fun to get so used to a track that we have names for the corners etc. ... :D And of course we'll make time to do other stuff, e.g. F1, drift, etc. ... and I'm guessing Mini-Z MB-010 Buggy will be a likely addition soon...! :D

Thanks again everyone for your help setting up/tearing down etc. Yay Dojo X!! :D:cool:

2011.09.20, 11:10 AM
One track idea, see attachment, suppose to work both cw and ccw.

2011.09.20, 04:45 PM




I want that Optima like damn.

2011.09.20, 07:36 PM
Buggy series sounds fun. Only problem is I need 2.4 for it =P

2011.09.21, 09:41 AM
Buggy series sounds fun. Only problem is I need 2.4 for it =P

You needed 2.4 like a year ago ;P

See how they run on a stock profile on someones radio and maybe consider just grabbing the readyset with the KT18 if you're interested? Or just get a nice radio and start upgrading now :p

EDIT: holy **** check this out http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=419567&postcount=79

Just gotta get brian busy making some nice transitioned kickers for some hang time ;)

2011.09.23, 10:59 PM
Hey guys. Bummed I missed the Dojo X maiden GTG :(

Life has still been tight on time with kids starting back to school and work still being crazy. But I'm hoping to make it out next time.


2011.09.29, 08:20 AM
Buggies <3

Hey... someone should update the stickies and all that jazz on our forum here.


:cool: <-- YoYo-Pete

2011.10.16, 12:36 PM
Stickies updated! :):cool: