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2011.09.13, 07:32 PM
I've just published a new release of ZRound Suite (1.10.10) (http://www.zround.com/request.php?41)

Here you have the changes since 1.10.4 (for a detailed log see the attached file)

2011/05/08 - Versión 1.10 Build 10

ZRound: "Detect" option in the driver properties allows to set the transponder number using the first detected by the lapcounter

ZRound Manager: Copy Championship settings option. It allows to copy the settings from any other already configured championship

Minor translation issues

2011/05/08 - Versión 1.10 Build 8

ZRound: New view for Best Lap of racers

ZRound: New view for Best Training Session by duration

ZRound: New view on secondary monitor for Top Qualify on Heats. Updated with current race estimation

ZRound: Best lap can be reset in trainings for the racers. Also the best lap for the session can be removed.

ZRound: On Staggered start mode, first lap is marked with asterisk if it begins after max time to start limit

ZRound Manager: New page to control transponders of the club other than GiroZ

ZRound Manager: Best lap details shown (time, racer, heat/main and round)

ZRound Manager: All inscriptions are used to prepare Heats (resorts) and Mains, even if racer has not qualified

ZRound Manager: New Pre-Qualify round sorted by best lap (optional)

2011/03/06 - Versión 1.10 Build 5

Minor bugs solved about managing multiple transponders

German translation

ZRound: New alarm & event "Personal Record" (overall best lap in trainings/races)

I hope you like it. Feel free to post/mail if you have any question about using the application. Feature request are welcome too.



2011.09.14, 02:06 AM
We'll take a look at it next race day :)