View Full Version : Silver brushes?

2011.09.14, 08:31 AM
So I heard that I could upgrade the brushes on my 70T PN stock motor to silver brushes...how much of a difference will it make in terms of speed/torque etc.?

2011.09.14, 11:52 PM
Silver brushes on a PN70t motor will add more punch to the motor. That's what I've noticed with silver brushes. They add slightly more speed but it isn't too noticeable with that slow of a motor. You will gain a lot more low end power, which is something the 70t lacks from the factory with the silver/carbon brushes.

Changing the brushes is one way to make your motor slightly faster without buying a whole new motor. I put silver brushes on a pn70t a long time ago and the difference in low end power was definitely improved.