View Full Version : Atomic AWD SAS Pro V-III

2011.09.16, 08:16 AM
Wow, I've noticed there is a new version of the Atomic SAS for the AWD :eek:


Looks interesting...

-Robust CNC-machined one piece differential housing design.
-Machined Carbon graphite wheelbase adaptor support 94-98mm.(AWD188-90.. Optional For 90~94mm)
-Improved angle for roll-center.
-Aluminum shock tower with "Five" adjustable shock angle position.
-Suitable for Kyosho, ATM Ball Dif & original Gear Diff installation.
-To equip with Rear Diffuser for maintaining down force at higher speed racing.

I would like to know is it heavier than the V-II SAS?
Are the suspension arms the same as old one?
Are the wheelbase adapters the same as old ones ? (I suppose no)
Does it handle better than the V-II SAS?

2011.09.16, 11:26 AM
The first thing that I noticed about it, was that the diff cage is one peice. This should really help prevent it from tweaking like the previous version.

I would assume that any increase in mass would be marginal. The larger shock tower and diffusor will make it heavier...

I was going to build up another DWS car, but now Im thinking about using SAS III... With the additional geometry for the rear shocks, and the solid cage... it might be more useful than the prior versions. The biggest advantage that SAS has over DWS is ease of adjustment/access to the ball diff (if you use Kyosho diffs).