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2011.09.16, 10:09 AM
Just changed my PN 70T motor brushes to silver brushes,changed to a 10T pinion against a 44T spur....goes FREAKING fast on straights...one slight problem though

Gunning the throttle too much before exiting the curves will lead to massive oversteer...especially at the tight U turn corners, tried less grippy tires at front,now there's too much understeer...I have yet to try

Loosening up the gear diff by removing the grease and using more runny ones
Increasing the front suspension travel
Changing back to the GTR Nissan body which has a heavier rear...compare to the Enzo

Need to know any of the above will help...thanks

2011.09.16, 10:43 AM
Of your ideas for fixing oversteer I think "increasing front travel" should be more like "finding the right spring tension for front grip.

You also make no mention if the rear tires are keeping grip...how old/dusty/worn are they and do you need to find front/rear balanced grip by replacing them?

Is it a specific turn direction that's oversteering? Your t-plate might be tweaked....

2011.09.16, 10:51 AM
Actually the rear tires are still spanking new(lol), I dun think it's the prob with the t plate as the oversteer issue only happened after I upgraded my motor,applying too much power when exiting will only cause oversteer,it has no problem cornering at lower speeds regardless left or right

2011.09.16, 12:14 PM
A couple thoughts:

I like the idea of loosening the gear diff action. With more power the stiffer rear diff can limit appropriate wheel spin....

How are your new motor wires installed? Sometimes the motor wires can inhibit rear pod side to side flex/travel.

Can you limit your throttle end point or change the curve via your controller? Too much peak power early can cause corner exit problems and you can "cheat" by changing via controller where the peak power starts.

2011.09.16, 12:19 PM
softer H-bar, or softer top shock might also help.
But I think you mainly need to do something about the tires.

2011.09.16, 12:41 PM
If you are noticing that the Enzo oversteers drastically when you get on the throttle, you are probably hitting the track with the body as you apply the throttle. With more power, weight will transfer faster, and the body will roll more. You may need to trim the body slightly or use a stiffer top shock spring and preload it a little.

Also check to see if the body is close to the rear wheels, you may rub a tire when you apply throttle and the weight transfers more than it did before.

It could also be motor wires as stated above...

What track surface and tires are you using front and rear? What springs and hop ups are you using? Pictures would definitely help us diagnose your oversteer issue. Typically stiffer front and softer rear will reduce oversteer, but if you are bottoming out the body or chassis, softer springs in the rear will hurt more than help.

2011.09.16, 12:45 PM
I shall change back to my Nissan GTR body first. Honestly ever since I changed to the Enzo body, oversteering issues have increased, even without changing the motor,if that does not solve the problem I will do something with the rear diff and tires...Will update tmr when I race on the tracks again.
To answer EMU I am currently running on RCP, 20 slicks at the front Rear wide radial 20s everything else is box stock other than bearings and motor. For the motor wires I checked that they dun limit the flex of the body so I dun think its an issue

2011.09.16, 01:01 PM
I think your problem is 20d front tires... IF you are using 20d radial rears, 30d front tires should be used. 20d tires are just too soft, and will have a good turn in, but when you apply throttle, it will be too much grip...

2011.09.16, 04:05 PM
I agree with EMU here, Kyosho 20d front tires are much too soft for RCP. The last time I tried them they overheated and blistered like crazy, and this was back on the old Inside Line (Ice) Racing track where I could actually utilize that front grip. Do everything you can with Kyosho 30's first and then play around with other front tires in a similar range (PN X-Pattern 15, Slick 8, etc.).

A typical setup that works for most RCP cars is Kyosho 30 fronts, Kyosho 20 rears, and a T-plate that's harder than the stock one. The T-plate helps turn in by unloading the rear tires off-power, and helps you lay down the power on corner exit by loading the tires immediately when you pull the trigger.

2011.09.17, 12:05 AM
Besides changin the tires, will changing the enzo body to the rear heavy xanavi nismo GT-R work?

2011.09.17, 01:28 AM
Yes, the GT-R's heavy tail will help. General rule of thumb is:

Heavy nose = front sluggish upon entry, rear comes loose on exit
Heavy tail = rear comes loose upon entry, rear planted on exit

Individual bodies have additional unique characteristics based on their weight distribution, aero properties, etc. It's not easy to predict how a body will handle, but we do know for sure that the GT-R is pretty planted on both entry and exit. It has a good weight distribution as well as evenly balanced aero.

2011.09.17, 05:59 AM
Looks like i did not have to change the body after all: it was the gear diff's fault which caused the oversteer,broke down the thick grease with solvent and replaced with liquid oil,IT WORKED.:eek:Now my Enzo has a greater balance between oversteer and understeer,though it still has oversteer, but less chances of spin out. I could power my way through curves more aggressively now.