View Full Version : KO PROPO ICS USB Driver-crashing my Machine!!

Ancient Artist
2011.09.17, 09:42 AM
The KO PROPO ICS USB Software Driver for Windows 7 64-bit is crashing my machine!!!
Does anybody know how to fix this? I have a brand new Windows 7 machine (64 bit) and once I installed the KO PROPO Drivers for my ICS USB Adapter the machine is crashing. I get a blue screen error with a message saying there's an issue with the driver.

This is really frustrating because the first time it happened I just went back to a factory restore and reloaded all my software did window updates etc. because I didn't want to risk further headaches. The 2nd time it happened (hoping maybe it was a user error on my part and might work this time) I was smart enough to create a restore point prior to installing it, but after I did the issue came back!
Someone please tell me theres a solution or that would have been $80.00 down the drain! :confused:

2011.11.03, 11:08 AM
I always looking up for newest ASF Manager on kyosho website, and if my memory serve me right, it's printed on the manual that the usb driver hasn't tested on newest Windows OS (vista or newer).
that's why I still using winXP on my RC maintenance hardware.
I think you better uninstall the driver.
if you not really understand about OS stuff (like me!) maybe better can ask someone with knowledge about Win OS.
sorry can't help much.

now I feel lucky.
I was and been using homemade cable.
the driver is compatible using any WinOS, already tested and "battle proven" after marathon plug and play for reprogramming 20 cars in such a short time using Win7.
why homemade? coz there was no LHS (years ago) sell these kyosho ICS stuff in my country.
pre order is such pain in the wallet! (3-4 times more expensive!).