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2011.09.19, 03:33 AM
I intend to wash my bearings, should I deshield them or keep the shields on?

2011.09.19, 03:57 AM
I have never taken the shield off to clean my bearings.
I figure if the particle is small enough to get in there, it will come out again to.

2011.09.19, 05:47 AM
I intend to wash my bearings, should I deshield them or keep the shields on?

If you can de-shield them without ruining the bearing I would go for it.
Just do one shield per bearing. This way when you run the bearing you will still have one shield (outside) to give protection from dirt.
Removing the shield does a few things. Makes it easier to clean and re lube.
It also provides less friction. Now there is also some negative aspects. The bearing will now have to be cleaned and lubed more often. Without the shield it can get dirty faster and the lube will not stay in the bearing.

2011.09.19, 09:06 AM
Anyone here runs their bearings dry?

2011.09.19, 09:23 AM
I used to. But I once got a bearing that got some water on it, and it started oxidicing. Only reason I use some oil on them now, to prevent moisture coming in.

2011.09.20, 04:25 PM
I typically run my bearings dry, just because I'm too freakin' lazy to lube them up. They will wear out a bit quicker though and indeed, some brands will start to rust.

Thanks for reminding me to buy new bearings. :o Mine are so rusted around the outside cage that they get stuck in my wheels.

2011.09.21, 02:43 AM
Maybe an alternate question, how do you guys know or think that your bearings are worn out?
I simply replace them like once a year, but the new ones feel the same as the old ones.

unearthed name
2011.09.21, 09:15 AM
i only replace the bearing only when they don't turn as smooth as before.