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Kevin S.
2011.09.21, 07:48 PM
I currently have a Novak Smart Tray SE that I use to discharge my triple AAA's. The Novak's Discharge Current is 2.7 volts. I will not be using my AAA batteries for some time so I wanted to know what was the best cut off voltage to use for storing the batteries? Any info would be greatly appreciated...

2011.09.21, 08:56 PM
i would not discharge them if you plan to store them for a long period of time. they could end up discharging to low while being stored and be bad cells when you go to use them again. i would charge them to 1.25 volts at a low amp rating and then store them. then when you go to use them again discharge them and recharge and all should be good.

Kevin S.
2011.09.22, 11:32 AM
Thanks for the quick response Chad. Would I be better off by charging them then letting them sit for 2 weeks or so and then discharging them, let them rest for a day or two and charge them up again slowly just to make sure the cells stay fresh? I don't have any problem doing that at all if that is the better option. Thanks again for your input :D

2011.09.22, 01:51 PM
thats what i would do. but i would only discharge them at 1amp max. that way you can try and get them to hold the volts longer while sitting

Kevin S.
2011.09.22, 02:42 PM
Cool, Thanks a lot for the advice Chad. :D