View Full Version : new version website coming soon

2011.09.23, 06:06 PM
MC3 website is being revised. We will launch/upload the new soon.

Main upgrades are many, but a few key ones are a historical race result section that is searchable based on date. The track layout is also stored for viewing. Tech tips are organized by topics now. New products are easy to see.

2011.10.13, 09:33 PM
New Site up and running.

Please explore the site. The Race Schedule and Results page has been totally redone.

We will be adding complete e-commerce functionality by December but for now, you can see what we have in stock and the prices. You will still need to come into the shop to purchase stuff or contact me for other options.

pomme de terre
2011.10.14, 09:34 AM
Looking good :D

A more Canadian colour scheme with red instead of orange might look nice :cool:

2011.10.18, 01:07 PM
For the Race Schedule List, could you sort by latest race date. so we don't have to scroll to the bottom for latest race result.

2011.10.19, 09:53 AM

Thanks for the suggestion.

Tip: if you want the latest results, just go to the home page and click on whatever result you want in the bottom right (latest race result).

That is the faster and simpliest way to access race result.