View Full Version : Light Buckets?

2011.09.23, 07:04 PM
Is there anywhere I can find out which auto scales have light buckets on them for easy installation of leds?


2011.09.27, 02:57 AM
hmm... most newer autoscales have lightbuckets... don't believe that i've seen a complete list of autoscales that have lightbuckets on them...

what car did you have in mind? if the one you're interested in, doesn't have light buckets, i've seen others customize them by drilling a hole in the body...

hope this helps... :D

2011.09.27, 07:48 AM
Thanks Herman,

I don't actually have one in mind, although I was thinking about getting the Lancer Alice, just thought it would be good to know before purchasing a new auto scale whether or not lights could be fitted. Ive also heard that most new ones do have light buckets, but not all. My Skyline R35 which I would probably consider 'new' doesnt have them and I have tried to custom fit lights to some autoscales (like the R35) only to find that there is often not enough room to fit lights without the wheels rubbing on them when turning (full lock). I recently had my R35 all nicely setup and then installed the lights only to find that it was difficult to drive it smoothly around the track as the tyres kept catching the lights when turning.

2011.09.27, 08:00 AM
^ Tires catching will often be the case even when lights are installed to stock light buckets. Heck, I grind off the inside of the light buckets (or take them out) on the lexus bodies just to have clearance.

I do know the new WRX sedan has nice buckets for head and tail lights with pre-drilled holes. Also, I fitted lights into a VW R32 pretty easily.