View Full Version : Super low ride height GT-R

2011.09.25, 12:19 AM
Decided to go back to my xanavi autoscale,also bought a stiffer T Plate and motor mount cause the stock plastic mount keeps breaking on me >=(


Now, I checked out real life racing vids of the actual car in action and noticed that the car has a pretty low ground clearance,so low that the body could scrape the road anytime O-O and I decided to replicate that in my mini z.

I made some changes to the front end,took the stock shims out from the suspension limiters and put them under the knuckles themselves,this lowers the front ride by 0.5mm, had to use 4mm shock spacers but without the shims the travel is decreased to 4.5 shock travel instead.

The wonderful thing about this mount is I was able to adjust the rear ride height with the axle bearing spacers(these black things that slot into the mount) went for the lowest.

The outcome:
Looks much better than the stock ride clearance,only drawback is the rear diffusers will scrape the ground if u push it all the way down,but thanks to the stiffer t plate, it's not as bouncy as before =) will probably get a Damper plate system to stiffen the rear up a little more.

2012.09.07, 07:34 AM
That is a cool stuff dude, but i doubt , you may have reduce aerodynamics of your car by ding so. Is there any difference since you updated ??