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2011.09.25, 09:17 PM
So it happens that the only problem with my car now is that it "bounces" during high speed cornering,leading to spin outs,less grippy tires at the front didn't help much,too much understeer instead so I guess it's time to get myself a damper plate system...anyone cares to share how does one set up their DPS and how to maintain it...

2011.09.26, 01:15 AM
What kind of motor do you use?
If you are running stock then a damper plate system is not realy necessary.
Try using a softer H (T) plate and play a little with the offset of your rear rims.

If you do choose a damper system, I simply use tyhe middle springs and start with 500 oil. That usually is enough for me, sometimes I change the oil to see what the car does. I never realy change the springs.
Maintenace, I always run a tissue over the plates before applying the oil. Once every 2 3 weeks I take it appart for a proper cleaning and to check the damper post for scratches.

Good luck.

2011.09.26, 01:43 AM
Using the PN 70T stock motor...I have thoughts about getting myself some 30 slick fronts as the 30s I got were actually the ones that came stock with the car...if I were to get the 30 high grip slicks from kyosho do they have a difference in terms of grip or are they the exact same tyres?

2011.09.26, 03:29 AM
I think the stock tires are 40's :)
Anyway, all depends on the surface. I drive 20 rear 30 front on RCP

2011.09.26, 05:32 AM
Hmm okay,will consider the buying the damper and see how it handles first,if my car has too much steering but at least the bouncing is corrected,I shall go for the 30 fronts...maybe u should check out my set up I posted in the cars and drivers section...I apparently lowered the ground clearance of my car to cater to the GTR xanavi body I reverted back to.