View Full Version : awd/drift only or good 4 carpet?

rock hard
2011.09.25, 11:59 PM
I'm gonna be building a carpet track,mostly racing 90% of the time.Is awd gonna be good,or best to stick with 2wd?

unearthed name
2011.09.26, 12:40 AM
depends on your carpet material. AWD is usually king if your carpet is slippery. 2wd is king if your carpet has a lot of grip.

rock hard
2011.09.26, 01:38 PM
good to know,thanks.

We have a 16'x24' 1/4 pipe,and I plane to use the bottom area as a track.
But need to be able to remove for the bikes.

Thinking about what to use as boundries also,maybe use some form of roll foam in around a 1"x1" size,then run velcro to along underside of foam.

Thinking the foam boards can be removed for repositioning,and for easier rolling up of track.But,maybe they will roll up with the track easy enough.

I hope actual track will be aprox 12x16

so,for carptets....whats grippy?
Is there a type of carpet that is typically best suited for racing?
I was thinking of just a very tight,low indore carpet,like what an office would use in a lobby or something.

unearthed name
2011.09.26, 08:53 PM
from what i heard it's regupol

rock hard
2011.09.26, 09:00 PM
from what i heard it's regupol

"regupol" cool,I'll see if the guys at h.d. know what that is and get some pricing.