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2011.09.26, 04:19 PM
Hello everyone,

After much digging, I have discovered that many hobby shops or tracks are either no longer hosting racing, have changed directions, or have closed down in the Central Florida area. A seemingly increasing problem in many parts of the country.

I am starting a Mini Z Club in Orlando, FL and I am looking for interested members that would like to help me do so.

I am willing to purchase the RCP track and lap counting system to get this going. All we would need is the space to set up and run HFAY and rec races on whichever interval the club sees necessary.

Please contact me through the forums via PM if interested.



2011.09.26, 07:29 PM
Awesome name!!!!:D. Choo-choooo!!!!

2011.09.26, 09:54 PM
haha thanks

2011.09.26, 11:14 PM
I am in sanford and i havent raced minizs for a long time because fast track closed in longwood. that and i used to race at redline hobbies. they had a cool track and had a lap timer.

count me in for any mini and micro hijinx. i will ask around and see if anyone else would be interested.


2011.09.28, 07:19 AM
That's two.

I know there has to be a handful of others lurking around somewhere.

2011.09.28, 05:19 PM
Good luck PT! Getting a club starting, and keeping it going is a tough job. I wish you the best.

2011.09.28, 06:09 PM
Thanks Hrdvr,

Nice to see you again. I am still really active on the MicroTForum but I figure this would probably be the best place to gather some interest.

Thank you for the well wishes. Any tips you can provide to be successful at this are always welcome.

2011.09.28, 07:33 PM
we'd love to have you participating in HFAY. and you only need 3 people to start. Here is what i would suggest to get started.

1. 2 wide L tracks, contact me if you'd like and I can help you with that.

2. timing system. Look for a used one if you can. Core, Giro-Z, iLap are all good. Check out FlipSide timing software.

3. Dedication. you'll need it as it seems people come and go from this hobby pretty frequently.

4. Loaner cars. Get a few loaner cars. they can be all stock, but every time you race invite some different people and let them race the loaners. if they like it let them use the cars until they can get their own. Just ask that they pay for anything that gets broken. the cars are durable so it's not really an issue but it does happen occasionally.

5. You can run at home, in a garage or where ever you can. Our club has raced at several locations over the last 6 years, but we will race where ever we have to. renting a place can be expensive, so keep you options open. Check with some of the Boys and girls clubs, recreation centers in your area and see if they will donate the space to be used a couple of times a month.

6. Have fun !! that's the most important thing. If you are having fun than others will see it, so always have a positive attitude, even it you aren't have a good race. :)

Hope that helps you out. If I think of anything else I'll be sure to post it up.

2011.09.29, 07:44 AM
Thank you very much Briankstan!

Expect a PM from me shortly. I'll be on the look out in the marketplace for some good used Zs.

I've contacted our community center and a few other community buildings and the rent was astronomical. Definitely will give the B&G club a call next though. Perhaps the local schools will allow a non-for-profit club to gather in a classroom.

Thanks for the tips.

2011.09.30, 10:21 AM
Bump. Orlando still needs some racers.

2011.09.30, 07:53 PM
i just picked up two robotronic scalpels. they are soo wicked cool.

I need new tires and a small receiver. I want to get a new radio but that is just not in the cards this week. I also need to get new tires for my 1:10 pan car this week too.

if anyone wants to ride with me to plant city i go every week on Wednesday. they race 1:10 and 1:12 and hopefully if i can get enough people some sort of 1:18 class.

this is a great little side track untill we get something in the orlando area. I am still trying to track down some of the people that i used to race with.

I saw the miniz buggie running on a track. it does not jump big well. little bumps it handles but any sort of jump and it falls like a dead bird. it does not have any problem getting serious air.

well now back to finding really small speed controls for the new cars.

and i started another project. a TTTT truck. I found my zip zaps and i started to take the parts off i can use. and i think i found some cool servos and recivers on hobbyking that might work in this truck. I hope to get it running and see if i can find some nice train layouts that i can drive/crawl on. this is just in the design faze. I am going to make some of the parts on in cad and have them 3d printed. that way when i get it to work i can just have copys printed.

2011.09.30, 09:14 PM
JD I have a meeting with my boss on Monday. Going to try to get Wednesday off so I can ride with you. I will text you for sure on Monday though.

I don't have a car to race with but I plan on taking my camera and taking some video while I am there.

Let's hope there are other O-Town guys there to talk about the MZ club.



2011.10.02, 08:23 AM
there is no race this week because the owners are out in vegas this week for the national races. but they will be back in another week.

2011.10.02, 03:02 PM
Next week it is then.

2011.10.04, 01:12 AM
i know i was supposed to post a link to something here but i cant remember.

2011.10.06, 06:53 PM
Bump. Still need another racer to compete in HFAY. Looking for locations where we can set up the RCP track.

2011.10.09, 09:46 PM
Daily TTT!

2011.10.10, 11:38 PM
I got my mini z stuff out and i was looking. I think i can make a mini z that i could run around the big track at florida rc indoor complex. I still have one of those sick atomic mod motors. and i was messing with the gear ratio and with it moded for lipo i think it will be really fast. but i am going to burn the fets right out of it.

so i started another project. i am basing it on this chassis and ditching the electronics and going to full remote system. I am trying to find one of the eflight helicopter remotes and i am going to move all those electronics into an old losi remote so i can use all those mirco little recivers in a car with a pistol remote. anyone have a remote they can donate :)


then the next thing will be the steering. that and the weakness of the plastic parts that are left. but they have aluminum pieces that i can replace them with when they break and then will break.

i have used this chassis before and it is nice. it holds a 2s lithium so i will have the voltage and the motor to get it booooking. i used it with stock electronics and i gunned it on radar at 45mph and it was awesome. then the fets melted off the board.

I got 2 1/12 scale cars. I have one that is ready for electronics and another that i am going to design a chassis around my 3 link w/panhard bar suspension. it should be great for parking lots. i actually have some old school wheels that bolt up to pan cars that allow you to use 2.2 buggy wheels. so some street treads on it.

man i have way too many projects.

what i need is tuesday mini-z and wed pan cars. that would be great.

i started looking for rcp tracks on the cheap but nothing so far. I would love to just make a track instead. out of a couple sheets of plywood and stick it on a couple folding tables. cover it with either foam or ozite. and make it look like a real track. or do it like the big tracks do and screw in pvc from pieces and that way you can make different layouts all the time.

2011.10.11, 10:27 PM
Daily TTT. My Ferrari needs some competition!

2011.10.12, 11:32 PM
wow the racing in plan city was great and i finnaly got to run the scalpel. WOW is that little thing fun. micro man was there and he was keeping pace with touring cars and the 1/10 pan cars. his cars are hooked up.

the 150mm chassis is a must. mellows the car right out. with the stock chassis it is twichy as hell. but still fun. there is two more people there that have the scalpels and they were talking about bringing them next wed, and micro man will be back too. so we should have enough for a class.

they are not mini-z but i think they will fill a void for now. didn't run the brushless scalpel just the stock one and it was plenty fast. i dont think you need brushless power to run.

also the m18 xray servo saver is the perfect fit. I will be ordering them soon.

oki well good night


2011.10.13, 07:50 AM
Thanks for sharing John. Hopefully some of those guys will want to get Zs and race those as well.

2011.10.13, 08:23 PM
TTT on the daily.

2011.10.14, 10:15 PM
we are going to try to get a scalpel class going on wed. if you have your scalpel running bring it with.........bump

2011.10.15, 12:23 PM
I am going to need your help to get it ready. I'll text you this weekend to ask you for some tips.

2011.10.16, 08:49 PM
Bump if you wanna race in Orlando, FL!

2011.10.17, 08:12 PM
And yet another bump. Not giving up. Going to start this club.

2011.10.18, 05:54 AM
Check with the Hobby Town out at the mall by Lake Mary. They used to have RCP down occaisionally. They had an employee that used to run Z's and was familiar with the group from the Deland area. I wish I could remember his name. He also worked at Superior for a time.

2011.10.18, 07:12 AM
Yeah I went to the HTUSA in Sanford, which is the one I think you are referring to. I asked about MZs and they were liquidating their inventory. I asked a few employees and none were interested. I think they were all bitter from the move from Ormond Beach or something.

I will try again though.

2011.10.18, 09:00 AM
I wouldn't swear to it but I believe the guy's name was Mark. Short. Mid to late twenties. Brown hair and very knowkedgable of RC in general. He had an AWD Z. When he worked at Superior he was the only person there that treated everybody as something other than sub-human.

I travel to the area more often than I would like so having a place to race there would be nice.

2011.10.18, 08:51 PM
Yeah, Orlando is great for tourists but there isn't much else.

I will be sure to call HTUSA and ask for him. Maybe I can drum up other leads.

Thanks for the help, mleemor60.

2011.10.19, 04:59 AM
I will be on the lake in Mt Dora this weekend. I will have my computer with me though. A guy can only handle so much artsy stuff.

2011.10.21, 12:09 PM

2011.10.26, 07:07 AM
Bump for Central FLA.

2011.10.26, 08:06 AM
Just got word through an acquaintance that there is a new shop either open or opening soon in the same general part of town that Superior is located in. It has or will have indoor track and will be a full service facility. As quick as I get the name and location I will post it to you.

You might check with Superior and see if they can or more aptly will tell you if they know about it.. I have never found them to be at all helpful.

Daddy Rabbit
2011.10.26, 09:25 AM
Keep me posted on that also please.
Also did I understand that HTUSA was getting out of the Mini Z business in Sanford, FL?
Check your PM"s.

2011.10.31, 08:59 PM
bump... still in the process of finding a good location to host the club. Saving some more cash to purchase the rcp and lap counting.

2011.11.11, 08:27 AM
got my cars out and started checking to see if they all work. looks like i have one in working order now. and two that are in stages of disrepair.

what would be the difference of using ozite verses rcp cost wise. with the ozite you would have to glue it to some plywood. and we would have to have a semi perm location to keep it set up. were as rcp would be easy to take down and set up if we dont find a perm location.

just some ideas