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2011.09.27, 03:52 AM
wondering if anybody seen this...

kers (kinetic energy recovery system)... i have no idea how this works at this scale

source: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/yupigu2000/folder/906581.html?m=lc&p=1 (http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/yupigu2000/folder/906581.html?m=lc&p=1)

2011.09.27, 03:56 AM
how about a drs (drag reduction system) rear wing...
click here to see youtube video of how it works! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YSoNjPJB2U&feature=player_embedded)


2011.09.27, 04:06 AM
i can not get to the urls ?

2011.09.27, 04:27 AM
i may have missed this... but anybody try this set up?



2011.09.27, 01:00 PM
The Kers thing is interesting, but is something that the chase mode pcb makes now, but in a different way.

We was thinking how would be a race with all racer using a 50T motor with the chase mode on... something like a 70T race, but with a programable "kers"!

Is there any chase mode races in youtube?

2011.09.27, 01:19 PM
Alot of guys are currently running power capacitors on there F-1's and stock cars. They are supposed to give you a little more punch when they get fully charged. Is the KERS device just a big power cap?

2011.09.27, 01:22 PM
Hey Herman,

Where did you find this stuff, if you don't mind me asking ? :-)

That's pretty cool in my books!! whether it works or not at this scale is another problem :-)

2011.09.27, 04:18 PM
Super cool. Even if it doesnt work 100%.

2011.09.27, 07:02 PM
Do this to your F1....:cool::eek::D


2011.09.27, 07:02 PM
I like the scale mods they are doing. Can the babelfish convert it to english?

the KERs thing look like a lithium ion battery...powering what?!?

2011.09.28, 07:44 AM
I think is a pcb that is connected to the 3 channel of the RX. When pushed, the extra 1S battery can imput extra 4V in series, rising the total voltage delivered to the motor. I don't know if the extra 1S battery may be connected directly to the motor, or even in paralel with the 4NiMh original batteries.

I still want to see a full race with all the racers using chase mode... :D

2011.09.28, 03:38 PM
these are the kind of things that add a lot of excitement IMO, the ideas are just fantastic, no matter how far along in the execution process.

I really dig the drs, and the kers is true kers based on info here with a massive boost on a track like the one in the video below this it will actually make a difference...Ruf or Yasuji in case you guys read this and get a chance see if you can upload that F1 run by Ruf on this track from FB to YT for all the F1 fans here, thanks:


2011.09.29, 04:13 AM
hi kyoshosan... i included the source in my first post... it's a japanese blog i stumbled upon...

2011.09.29, 04:19 AM
as for the kers... it looks much more than a power cap... if you look closer it looks like there's a pcb... and it does look like a 1s battery too...

i'm kinda with doug01 in his explanation... kind of like a custom made tiki tiki boost mode for f1... :D

wish somebody could translate...

2011.09.30, 03:28 AM
Herman, if only EQMOD is active here, his electronics prowess could probably shed light on what those KERs are... Hehehe

2011.10.01, 07:46 AM
When ever you let the car roll (no brake or throttle), the electric motor generates power. The circuit probably takes the usually wasted power and directs it to charge the battery or capacitor. I have thought about a similar idea but not for boost but to extend the charge on the batteries.

2011.10.04, 04:46 AM
here's another innovation...
moving driver head... :D
click here to see youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMSxRK88r_E&feature=player_embedded)

2011.10.04, 08:17 AM
at least that one looks easy to do :-)